Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where I Am Coming From....

Undergoing re-write.....

I find the subject of one's memories extremely puzzling. As one grows older, it's like sustaining a fire in your library. One entire shelf will be lost, and the one above and the one below it will survive intact.


  1. Would you recommend a good read about RFK?

  2. Vigilante: a fascinating post. Can't thank you enough for sharing your views, particularly your concept of informed voters. It's hard to keep up sometime, but I believe keeping abreast of current events and politics is our patriotic duty.

  3. Enjoyed reading your political activism resumé, Vigil!

    I personally thought Eisenhower was great. If I were American and could vote then (well, I was really still in nappies then), I'd have voted for him (mostly because he was in my history books at prep school).

    Thought JFK was ok too. The ex navy hero who thought war wasn't always a solution. So he would've been alright with me.

    Was impressed by Clinton. Man was oozing with charisma. Saw him from a distance during his visit to Belfast. Must admit that Clinton's baggage is an issue with many people I know here but there are still many others here who see it as a non-issue in comparisson to the one you've got in the White House today.

    Meanwhile, it's safe to say that most Europeans would vote for Billary for the simple reason we don't know the names of the other candidates and as they'd say in Glasgow, good to have two for the price of one.

  4. Glad we changed your mind, Hills!

  5. Sorry I can't read your resume. So, you remain a mystery. I am getting depressed and can barely type, but want you to know I've been reading. Today I had a sobbing spell over the price of a lemon. It must be about more than the lemon, but that lemon at 79 cents undid me. Everything is political.

  6. Undergoing massive re-write at the behest of my son. Sorry you caught me in the middle of it. Maybe I should post in installments. You keep plugging, Utah! You are a gifted writer.