Sunday, June 11, 2006

Over There?

It is often said by the war party that we have to fight the Isamofascists "over there", so we don't have to fight them over here?

So, it has been asked, when were the Iraqi people asked if we could fight our proxy war on their turf? When was it that we received their permission? Or, if they weren't asked, did the Iraqis step forward and say:
We volunteer! We'll take your war! It's the very least we can do!
Were they the lone volunteer demographic? Or were they just the first nation in a long line of peoples volunteering to provide and host our theater for elective war?

Who can answer this question? Who can resolve my bewilderment?


  1. Oh sure, there were Iraqis around who couldn't wait to get somebody, strong and stupid enough, to do their dirty work in order to get in power there. These hang around Iraqis in the U.S., who had the apetite but not the muscle to oust Saddam, were giving praises to Allah when Bush, based on their
    "intelligence", went to this supposedly easy adventure. As usual, they quite propably backed the wrong horses although this race is far from over.

  2. I like your horse race analogy, Pekka. But all I think you can really say is that, in the Neocons' Sweepstakes, all of their Iraqi steeds have run off the track.

  3. Guys, Bush thinks he hit the trifecta, but he can't find anywhere to get cashed out.