Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Special Day,

but Just an Average Sunrise in Paradise...
The best of Season's Greetings to all who do me the honor of entrusting their thoughts to these pages.
Beach, Biker, Cooper, Cyber, Dr. Maxtor, E, Emily, FoodBlogger, GetaLife, Gnade, Guthrum, Hills (Jr & Sr), IP, LTE, Lil'Bill, M.D., Mad Mike, Malfrat, Messenger, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Newt, Not Yo'Mama, Patriot, Pekka, Pinks, Recidivist, RJH Jr, Schmog, Skip, Star, Stella, Wizard and Soros' Proxy (last but definitely not the least!).

After this interlude was over, my 88-Year old Redoct (Dobie years) was totally pissed off that I had not moved from my perch on the sand berm. When I tried to stand in the loose sand he knocked my ass down the slope and then, adding injury to insult, bit me (breaking skin) as I tried to rise. Now , he hasn't done that puppy trick in years.

So here's a raised tip of my Corona to all of my friends in these pages - hoping that this season also brings back to you a similar rejuvenation. Dawg knows, every man needs a good bite every so often.


  1. Isn't it something, that we can't fool the babies or the dogs? They cut right through and see the hidden, murky corners of our souls like some magical x-ray machines and act accordingly. -:)

    My heart bleeds for you, Vigil, having to put up with that tough California lifestyle. Nevertheless, I take this opportunity to tell you that you are my best virtual friend and I am alredy entertaining the idea to get you to visit me in Finland. We could go to a bare hand bear hunting and an all night moonshine drinking. What possibly could more uplifting and fun than that?

    Thank you for your education, information, and entertainment that you have been so generously providing! Have a merry Christmas, Vigil! That goes with the rest of you regulars too.

  2. Thank God, Everyone is finally asleep and I have beer. Have to settle for Bud Lite though, I should divorce Dragonwife for getting it just for that reason alone. Told her Corona but she did not listen. Everyone have a great Christmas I've got to play Santa in a few minutes.

  3. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Vigil and the rest of the regulars too!

  4. Happy holidays, Vigil. Those pictures make me miss L.A.

  5. Merry Christmas Vigilante, here's a toast to your leadership! Happy New Year, all fun and ferocious bloggers!

  6. A Very Merry Christmas to you all! Warmest Wishes for a Holiday filled with happiness, love and hope.

    May we all give more than we receive ans receive just a little more than we deserve.

    the Wizard.......

  7. Merry Christmas Vigil and friends. Vigil I am looking forward to another year of agreeing to disagree with you on a point or two:-)

  8. Sorry, Soros! (Definitely did not intend to exclude you!) My Bad!

  9. Pekka,
    " a bare hand bear hunting and an all night moonshine drinking"?
    I think I would have to spend all night moonshine drinking just to entertain the idea of bare-handed bear hunting. (The first time I read this, I thought you included 'bare-naked' as in in-the-buff bear hunting.) I think I may have missed the bear-hunting stage in my life. The only stages remaining in my quiver are exploring your fiords in sailboats in summers and Finnish jacuzzis/saunas in the wintertime.

    Sounds like fun, Pekka, but too robust for me. But do send us pictures! Should be even more entertaining that wife-carrying!

  10. Beach, I'm not sure serving Bud Lite is grounds for divorce. (As long as it was cold, anyways.) But it definitely adds a straw or two the the camel's back! Dragonwife should be written up for it (after the holiday season passes, of course.)

  11. Schmog, M.D., Pinks, Wizard & Mike:

    Thanks to keeping the 'Net interesting in my absence. I look forward to getting around and seeing what mischief y'all have been up to. (Bet there's been more naughty than nice out there now that Santa's been on his way.)

  12. Guys and Gals, I'm stepping out of character and off-topic here: a very strong woman, a feisty & eloquent blogger, and occasional visitor in my pages is going through some thoroughly rough times, medically-speaking. I'm speaking of the Star-Spangled Haggis.

    If any of you could spare a thought, a hope, or a prayer in the next day or so for this fair lass, I'd appreciate it. If you could drop a word on her blog, it could pick her up, too.

    Don't know if I have any markers left at the end of the year, but whatever I might have I'm calling now.

  13. Yes, yes. I have some to spare her, Vigil.