Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Ides of March Are Upon Us!

Without boldness and passion, our Republic cannot be saved.

Joe Biden yesterday, on the floor of the Senate!

In the comments following the column I posted on The Road Map Out of Iraq , I wrote of the essential and indispensable role of
appropriate anger and righteous rage needed to depose the anti-American war-starters currently plunging our Republic further into Iraq-Nam.

By now it's clear to all that Bush and Cheney will persist in leading our once-great Republic down the spiraling road leading to the exhaustion and ruin ultimately experienced by 20th century adherents of
preventive war.

Determined and persistent eloquence is required to mobilize a bipartisan 'surge' to 'purge' these war mongers. We need to be smart.

But what good is light in the room, if we do not also bring heat to the table?


  1. Yep Vigilante, bring it on... bring on the heat!

  2. That would be fine Vigilante if you understood the issues. Making this site a whipping post for the current systems actions without understanding why the actions are even taking place, makes you part of the problem though, and not part of the solution.
    Our system is run by special interest groups. You want to replace one group of 'bought and paid for' special interests with a different group that mirrors the other group.
    That is what I would call 'pouring from the empty , into the void'.
    Instead of disturbing the Internet riff-raff with trumped up Political anger , why not get into what is actually going on ?
    Our system no longer works.
    It will not work in the future. Things are going to get worse, not better.
    The country is in the hands of Globalists that do not care about anything in particular except money.
    The country is lost. There are alternatives to this system. What you are doing here is futile. The current system is not worth saving.

  3. America's greatness will not be restored until George Bush and his gang of neo-nuts leave office in early 2009. It pains me to admit that the American people have no passion for impeachment, but I suspect they are looking to the future, i.e. Bush's departure after the next election. While I now support his lawful removal, I was not always of that mind. I doubt a sufficient number have reached that conclusion. If they had there would be more of a cry for his head.

  4. Time my friend, time will wash away the Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Gonzales cabal.
    I am less concerned about the lack of enthusiasm for impeachment than I am about the untenable position we are in Iraq. But ran the story below on Monday reporting that the brass is already planning a pullout if/when the surge fails. My point in all this is there is more than one way to skin a cat or a Bush and a devastating election defeat in 2008 for the repubs might end up just as good as the Ferret standing impeachment.

    Pentagon planners have begun work on a fallback position for Iraq that includes a phased pullout of US troops in case the current "surge" strategy fails or is undercut by Congress, a newspaper reported Monday.

    The "surge" proposed in January by President George W. Bush calls for sending 21,500 additional combat troops and several thousand more support forces in order to pacify Baghdad and other key parts of the country.

    But citing unnamed military officials and Pentagon consultants, The Los Angeles Times said the alternative strategy was based in part on the US experience in El Salvador in the 1980s.

    During the 1981-1992 El Salvador civil war, the United States deployed 55 Green Berets to aid the Salvadoran military in its fight against leftist rebels.

    The report said that some historians believed that their presence had helped the United States to gradually professionalize the Salvadoran army and curb its abuses while avoiding a large-scale US military involvement.

    A drawdown of forces in Iraq, The Times said, would be in line with comments made last month by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. He told Congress that if the "surge" failed, the backup plan would include moving troops "out of harm's way."

    Such a plan would also be close to the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, of which Gates was a member before his appointment to the Pentagon, the paper said.

    "This part of the world has an allergy against foreign presence," the report quotes a senior Pentagon official as saying of Iraq.

    "You have a window of opportunity that is relatively short. Your ability to influence this with a large U.S. force eventually gets to the point that it is self-defeating."

    The new round of planning is taking place in an atmosphere of extraordinary tension within the Pentagon, The Times said.

    Some support the new commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, who advocates using more US forces. Others back General John Abizaid, the retiring Central Command chief, who favored handing over security responsibilities to Iraqis.

    Meanwhile, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Peter Pace has made several references to El Salvador in recent congressional hearings and private Pentagon meetings, The Times said.

    The senior Pentagon official said Pace's repeated references were a signal that in the chairman's view, success in Iraq might not depend on more combat troops, according to the report.

  5. Vigil, I really need the html code you use to link stuff in the comment sections. Blogger spits back up anything I use from old college textbooks.

  6. MadMike, it also
    pains me to admit that the American people have no passion for impeachment.

    That's not the passion of our founders was. Do you have any idea how often the word IMPEACHMENT appears in the constitution? Any idea?

  7. Why couldn't Biden just give Bush the Lie?
    I listened hard for it. Not there. Did anyone hear it?

  8. Lexington Parrothead, I share our Host's desire to get Bush to eat his cookies while he's still President and I buy into Vigilante's timeline. With Bush and Cheney gone by November '08, the Democratic momentum should still produce a landslide, no matter who's doing the Gerald Ford reprise for the GOP. As long as we don't nominate a 'super-electable, triangulating bitch', (if you get my meaning).

  9. Messenger, I would be throwing an impeachment party if the Ferret or any of his henchman happen to get tagged. I just don't see much of a chance right now. But fate has a habit of surprising us and this US attorney-gate may be just the thing that causes be to throw such a party after all.
    I agree with you on the other matter as well. I can not think of anything more that might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory than nominating the "triangulating bitch".
    One more thing, shit man call me Beach. I thought we were cool.

  10. Hey, Lexington! (Just kidding)

  11. I agree with you, Beach!

    Beach, I don't much like Bill Clinton, either, anymore. He is as about 'over' as anyone with 'Bush' as a last name. Good policy wonk, but so over-gifted to be president that his own presidency bored him and - by extension - led him to do things that soiled the Democratic party.

  12. BB, when you talk about attorney-gate, you're hitting the nail on the head. If the White House turns down the subpeonas, the House should head straight for the impeachment papers.

    In addition, just consider the mess the Democrats would face in January
    '09, regardless of a landslide, if Bush and Cheney are allowed to go out quietly and shut the door behind them.

  13. Don't get me wrong, if Hill ends up wit the the nomination she will have my vote.
    We are dealing with the real world here, not some washed up impractical fantasy from the 30's. Someone is going to have to address the imbalance between workers and middle/upper management types. Hill, despite her baggage, would be the best person for that as compared to the Republican nominee. Which curiously enough I don't see any of the current big three being it. To the repubs around me John is nuts and pro-abortion. Rudy, once his pro-gay stance is found out by the Bible Thumpers will be dropped like a spoiled mushy potato. And Romney's religion is still generally considered a cult in this state. Its going to be a interesting election cycle, luckily I have lots of popcorn at the house while I watch the fun.

  14. Not an argument here from me, Beach.