Thursday, December 20, 2007

Final Presidential Press Conference of 2007

QUESTION: Mr. President, you maybe saw that President Clinton said recently that one of the first actions of a new Clinton administration would be to send Presidents 41 and 42 on a worldwide goodwill mission to restore the country's good name abroad. I wonder if you think such a thing is necessary?


  1. Where did they find 29% that are that stupid?

  2. Yeah, really. And now Bush expects us to get all worked up that he's taking his first trip to Palestine in his eighth year in office, after he has become the biggest pariah in world history?

  3. I have nothing to say except I hate this ignorant bastard.

    How you doing, vigilante? Is your shoulder getting better?

  4. Juan Cole writes about:

    Secretary of state Condi Rice's testy slamming of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee for his characterization of Bush administration policy as unilateralist and exhibiting a bunker mentality.

    Secretary Rice appears to have forgotten that the US invaded Iraq despite the opposition of the United Nations Security Council, and that Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz vowed to "punish France" for having refused to support the US war on Iraq. She also seems to have forgotten that then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld dismissed France and Germany as "old Europe," in an attempt to divide the European Union and strong-arm the Western European countries into toeing his line. It has also apparently escaped her attention that the Bush administration she serves blew off the Israeli-Palestinian peace process for 7 years even though UK PM Tony Blair and other NATO allies pleaded with them to continue the process begun by Bill Clinton at Camp David. Bush said he wanted to "unleash Sharon" (the then hard line Israeli prime minister), and maintained that sometimes "conflict clarifies things." (I guess things are very clear now.) Rice's own support for continued Israeli bombing of poor little Lebanon in August of 2006 was also opposed by virtually everyone in the international community.

    The problem with a bunker mentality is that those inside the bunker forget that that is where they are.

    Informed Comment