Thursday, May 29, 2008


"This whole thing is the biggest fairytale I've ever seen."
-Bill Clinton 1/8/08

Bubba was right. But he had no way of knowing which fairytale this primary was turning into.
All credit to the Public Service Admini.


  1. Bravo, Peekay. Thanks for a Friday chuckle. Hey, Vig, did the Jon Swift post offend you? To me, the guy's a riot, but what do you expect from an English major who specialized in satire?

    Happy Friday to you, YD, p.k., and all that follow.

  2. Screw using a sword, David Axelrod just needs to go ahead and sharpen a wooden stake and go straight for the heart. And Bill, get him a couple of twenty dollar hookers.

  3. Good one, Beach.

    Stella, here's where I come down on pointed (good) and bad (pointless) satire: If the people the joke is on don't get it because it's too subtle and nuanced, than it's pointless (bad) satire.

    For example, Steven Colbert before the White House Correspondents' dinner steadily improved because the media and Bush eventually got it that the joke was on them.

    But you take Jon Swift's product, feed it to Red State's readers and they will all be saying "RIGHT ON!" and "YEAH!"

    I don't think casting pearls among the swine has much of a purpose, do you?

  4. I found myself screaming at her on TV somewhere in Porto Rico, "Die bitch, die, dammit!" I don't want her literally to die, but her fucking campaign to destroy the party and hijack the veep job, that I want to DIE!

  5. I won't pillory Hillary unless she refuses to step down after the June 3rd primaries. As to Bill, he had his problems but he was still a great president.

  6. The reason Hillary plods on is her actuaries tell her to.

  7. Vig... I take your point. I've read a lot of this guy's stuff and he's got quite a wit. We're going to have to agree to disagree on this one, primarily because my passion has always been satire.

    You echo Swift words (compliment): "Satire is a sort of glass in which people behold everyone but themselves." And, right you are, that's precisely what would happen in the red states with Jon Swift's essay.

    Satire was my primary focus are in school, so I guess I acquired too much a taste, starting with Dorothy Parker and George Orwell at 9 or 10. I love Gulliver's Travels, but I was too young to know why. (I didn't get him at first...)

    OMG, Good Call! Steve Colbert put on one of the greatest satiric displays at the press club I ever heard. Now that was throwing pearls before the Prevaricating Swine, and when he actually figured out he was being ridiculed, did you see the look on this poor excuse for a face. Brilliant!

    I think Jon's satire is neither good nor bad: it depends on what amuses one's particular quirk. I value your visits too much to argue what comes down to a taste in satire, which I think is the same as trying to argue religion.