Friday, April 3, 2009

Al Qaeda -vs- the NRA

Weapons of Individual Destruction are massed within the United States.

NRA says if we outlaw assault weapons, then only outlaws will have assault weapons. Assault weapons are not effectively banned now.

What do we have now? Do outlaws have guns?

Look at the score for the last year in the continental United States:

Terrorism in the United States from Outlaws: 66
Terrorism in the United States from al Qaeda: 0

Case Histories:
  • Alger, Washington. September 2008. A mentally ill man who had been released from jail a month earlier shoots eight people, killing six.

  • Covina, California. December 2008. A man dressed in a Santa Claus suit opens fire at a family Christmas party at his ex-wife's home and then sets fire to the house. Nine people are killed in the home. The gunman later kills himself.

  • Geneva County and Coffee County, Alabama. March 12 2009. In a shooting spree that tears through several towns, a 28-year-old out-of-work man kills 10 people, including his mother and a toddler.

  • Oakland California. March 21, 2009. A 27-year-old Oakland resident shoots four Oakland police officers to death.

  • North Carolina. March 29, 2009. A heavily-armed gunman shoots dead eight people, many elderly and sick patients, in a North Carolina nursing home.

  • Santa Clara, California, March 30, 2009. Six people are shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide at a home in an upscale Silicon Valley neighborhood.

  • Binghamton, New York. April 3, 2009. Up to 13 people are killed as a gunman goes on a rampage at a civic center in the town of Binghamton.
Who's the greater source of danger to us? al Qaeda or the NRA?


  1. The NRA have taken a very narrow and extreme position on gun regulation. They have the totally irrational fear that the government is just waiting to pounce and enslave everyone, and that the only thing preventing this is the fact that people have guns. Utterly ridiculous and paranoid. The next thing you know, they'll be rallying against ALL types of gun registration. I guess, by their logic, if we keep bazookas out of the hands of the public, then only outlaws will have bazookas, too. Insane.

  2. With a real war going just South of our borders where perhaps hundreds are being killed each week with guns purchased mostly from the U.S., I don't see how the NRA can justify its position. It sounds insane to me.

  3. Hell yeah I want a bazooka, got to keep up with the Jone's while stuck in suburbia

  4. Don't get me started here! I have been posting about the Nasty Rifle Association for several years. This organization wields more power in Washington than the American Medical Association and the insurance industry. Now that is what I call power. It is precisely because of this power that little legislation comes out of Washington with regard to gun control.