Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cheney Legacy

Lawrence Wilkerson
is a retired
United States Army Colonel
and former chief of staff to
United States Secretary of State
Colin Powell.

Last night
he was interviewed on
Rachel Maddow's show.


  1. Quote of the day comes from Joe Peyronnin, Cheney's Torture Logic:

    Let's face it, Vice President Dick Cheney didn't just have the President's ear, it is pretty clear he had President Bush by the ear.

  2. Col. Wilkerson: Nice to see a soldier with some dignity on tv every once and a while.

  3. Keep Cheney talking! Him and Limbaugh are the best prevention from the republicans regrouping.

    But on a very dark note I do believe Cheney wants another attack here on the US. Even a small, unsuccessful incident would send him, Limbaugh, Beck, and many others joyfully goose-stepping back to Washington. Ultimately this has nothing to do with the safety of the country but simply about retaking power.

  4. The man is a deviant and anti-social paranoid freak. His arrogance and cold heart are disgusting. Instead of spreading his bull around freely on network TV, he should be kept in a stratjacket in a prison hospital before his war crimes trial.

  5. Read the case against the Cheney Legacy, Mr. Cheney, You Did Not Keep Us Safe,
    For the record.

  6. I love Jesse "the body's" line, "give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney, and one hour, and I'll get him to confess to the Sharon Tate murders."

  7. Yeah, Will! Torture will get you anything you want, but probably not the truth. You get it!

  8. Vig, check out Hannity tomorrow (Monday). Jesse the body's going to be on to debate torture. Should be explosive.

  9. Will, in this economy, I don't think I can afford to risk yet another TV set.

  10. You didn't miss a thing. They didn't talk about torture at all (this, of course, after Fox advertised it as a debate on torture). Leave it to Fox to disappoint yet again. LOL

  11. Thanks for putting my mind at ease, Will.