Monday, November 29, 2010

News Item: More Fraggin' in Afghanistan Goin' On

Afghan police officer kills 6 NATO service members.

ABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan border police officer opened fire on NATO troops during a training mission in the east of the country Monday, killing six NATO service members before he was shot dead, NATO and Afghan officials said.

The shooting — the highest toll for NATO forces since nine Americans died in a Sept. 21 helicopter crash — was the latest in a series of shootouts in which Afghan security forces have turned on their NATO partners.

NATO declined to identify the nationalities of the victims. The majority of forces in Nangarhar are American.

NATO is investigating an incident in which two U.S. Marines were killed earlier this month in southern Helmand province, allegedly at the hands of an Afghan army soldier.
Six NATO Soldiers Killed by Man in Afghan Border Police Uniform the headline reads. Have you noticed how American soldiers killed in Afghanistan are now being described as 'NATO Soldiers'? Softens the blow, doesn't it? That's how propaganda works.


  1. They just love us over there. Because we're there. For them.

  2. Just saw your US Deaths widgit re Obama (749) vs Bush (575). Dude, where's my hope?

  3. Where's my voice, Stella? I've started to blog about religion. Got no hope. Just a faith.

  4. No, of course my faith isn't gone. Ultimately, we are all where we chose to be before we got here to learn what we need to learn. You're blogging about religion? Here? If not, where?

    You probably already knew that I volunteered for both Governor Brown and Senator Boxer to regain their seats. They did. I'm not sure if that faith leads to hope... I don't expect California to come near recovery for at least two years.

    Hmmm... and that email?

  5. A "must see" documentary from National Geographic: Restrepo. No politics, no preaching, no fluff. This is an amazing perspective on soldiers in Afghanistan: before, during, and after they served as soldiers.

  6. They hate for our freedoms, right?

    This is like a neverending nightmare, and no one will shake us awake...