Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I thought you might be interested in this petition. I've signed it.

I am heartsick at Obama's spinelessness and failure to use the Bully Pulpit to change the political discourse in our country. Think of all that he could have done these past two+ years had he had the courage to use these Republian't over-reaches as the "teaching moments" that they are.

I thought Obama was a man of integrity, vision, and courage, but it seems that his courage existed only in my hopeful heart - it seems to have evaporated with his inauguration as our President.

I'm not asking him to blame the Republican'ts. I am asking him to speak the truth to Americans about the lies, distortions, fear-mongering, and the utter contempt for our democracy that permeates today's Republican't party.

I voted for Obama because I believed him when he said he was "all fired up and ready to go".

Sadly for me and ruinously for our country, Obama has turned out to be am empty suit - he gives beautifully crafted inspiring speeches, but when confronted with the Republican't party's obstructionist, revisionist manipulations intended to turn our beloved country into an oligarchy comprised of the Rulers, and the Ruled , he is silent, capitulating to the demands of the Repubs BEFORE negotiations have even begun.

Has Obama pointed out that our country is in danger of becoming a third-world bankrupt nation as a result of Bush's two unfunded wars, and Bush's choice to shower un-necessary tax cuts upon our richest Americans, thereby ensuring that the United States would soon face such a severe and crippling loss of income that the government would be penniless? No, Obama has not.

Instead, he is colluding with the Republican'ts to eliminate/privatize our country's safety nets for seniors and the needy by extending the Bush tax-cuts for the wealthiest one per-cent (let's call it what it is: "CEO-corporate-welfare") and approving the largest budget cuts EVER foisted upon the American people in the history of our nation.

Just as the Republican'ts continually attacked Clinton in an attempt to marginalize him and render him ineffective (which Bill actively aided and abetted through his juvenile behaviors), so Obama has apparently been rendered mute and irrelevant by the continuing barrage of lies that attempt to paint him as alien and illegitimate.

The Republican'ts are well aware that the cuts for which they so loudly advocate are cuts that will completely derail, if not end, our embryonic economic "recovery" from the "Big Recession-Almost-Another-Depression". That is their hidden goal": deprive the government of funding, then declare an economic "crisis"/"disaster" (ignoring the fact that it has been largely created by the Republican'ts) and push through the punitive and destructive social agenda that would undo the social safety net, and establish the United Corporation of America.

The strategies employed by the Republican'ts over the last several decades are the legacies of Reagan's poisonous sound bite that defined government as "The Problem", rather than "The Solution" - a complete rejection of our Founders who envisioned an informed citizenry electing members of Congress who would work TOGETHER for the good of the country - not just for the greedy Corporations and their CEO's. .

Today, Reagan's words are enshrined as the mantra of the Republican't party. More significantly and regrettably, they are hostile and hopeless words which, to this very day, remain completely UNCHALLENGED.

In an "Alice-in-Wonderland" moment, which has been inflicted upon us by the greed and speculation of Wall Street CEO's and their corporate boards, those scoundrels have received huge governmental bail-outs and "bonuses", while non-corporate America is mired in a wasteland of growing income disparity. The increasingly widening income gap between the top one-per cent and the rest of our citizens is slowly but surely turning America into a divided nation of those who have money and power and those who have neither.

The terrible economic disparity which has led to an increasing number of Americans who are jobless and without any economic "bailout", many of whom are losing their homes, while simultaneously being confronted with rising prices for health insurance, food, and gas - to name but three necessities of daily living now moving beyond reach for too many of our fellow citizens.

I thought Obama had the courage of his convictions - sadly, I was wrong - VERY wrong. I am grieving for Obama the Candidate - where is he? What happened to him that he refuses to lead, refuses to inform and educate our citizens?

I did not vote for Obama the Cowardly Appeaser. I want Obama the Candidate to come out of hiding and fulfill his campaign promises to stand up and lead our divided and increasingly despairing nation.


  1. Get over it.
    America was scammed once again.
    The Manchurian Candidate [Obama] is now the New Boss Same As The Old Boss.
    As long as we exist in The United Corporate States of America we will be thrown into the path of Fascism.
    The regime brings the President, the President does not bring his cabinet, or his advisers.
    They select so we may elect.
    These politicians answer to the Corps that fund them.
    Not to the people that they are suppose to be representing.
    Do not blame the rethugs.
    Blame the dysfunctional system, and the party of one that we bow to.
    Most of all blame us.
    We are the ones that keep voting for the lesser of two evils.
    Democratic Socialism is the only true answer.

    Wake up and smell the stench of sulfur coming from both sides of the aisle.

  2. Right-On, RealityZone!

    Emily, it's been very hard for me to force myself to read your excellent post critically. Everything is 99% correct. Most especially your point about Obama's pathetic default in "the bully pulpit". I don't know how to better put it: The man has shown a total incapacity to bully ignorant, factually-adverse, and loud-mouthed useful idiots of the Dictatorship of the Corporiatariat.

    The one exception to your content: I used to refer to the GOP as "the Republicant's". But I don't any more. In an absence of leadership on the part of Progressives, even the Republicans, can. They certainly can take the bully pulpit on the road, can't they? If the intellectual elites are not able to kick butt, then those idiots will not show any reticence. Obama abdicated his 'political capital' the day he took office. We, the frogs in the boiling cauldron of water, just didn't feel the heat until too late.

    I have been so despairing, I've even considered closing up the Vigil. I haven't felt this bad since assassination of MLK and RFK. I don't know what to say or do. Maybe wait until things just get worse and we can have a blood-in-the-street revolution.

    But that probably won't come in my life time. But I think it's coming.

    Thank you for your post. Very much.