Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Say 'Hello' to the Next (Democratic) Senator from Nebraska!

Former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel: Republican Party Has ‘An Astounding Lack Of Responsible Leadership’

From Think Progress of 31-August 2011:
Former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel (NE) can’t muster any praise for his Republican colleagues’ behavior in Congress over the past few months. In an interview with the Financial Times, Hagel blasted GOP leadership for their “irresponsible actions” during the debt ceiling debacle, noting that “I think about some of the presidents we’ve had on my side of the aisle — Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., go right through them, Eisenhower — they would be stunned.”

“Disgusted” with the debt ceiling negotiations, Hagel called it “an astounding lack of responsible leadership by many in the Republican party, and I say that as a Republican.” “Does anyone not believe what’s happened here the last couple weeks in the market was not a complete, direct result of the lack of confidence that came out of that folly, that embarrassment?” he asked. Watch it:

Asked about Tea Party influence, Hagel said the Republican party is too captive to a movement that is “very ideological” and “very narrow.” “I’ve never seen so much intolerance as I’ve seen today,” he said. Later surveying the GOP 2012 field, Hagel said the party may need to rebuild, agreeing that Republicans are now “too far to the right.”
Come on, Progressive Democrats! Swallow your pride! Just ask this decorated Vietnam veteran and revered ex-Senator to come out of retirement and serve his country for six more years. He's not perfect. But everything that comes out of Nebraska is relative.


  1. This guy is more red-blooded than any of the teaparty fakers in corn country. I say it's worth a go. What do the Dems have to lose?

  2. I've always had deep respect for this guy and was just thinking about him the other day, wondering what he's up to, when he'd pop back up. Very encouraging.

  3. I'd vote for Mr. Hagel (a total statesman) in a millisecond, for anything.

  4. Whoa now, Vigil you know as well as I do some of the ideological pure progressives are just as pig headed as the Teabaggers. A bunch of bloggers who we both know would have seizures over the very idea of voting for a Republican.

  5. They are not ideologically pure Progressives, Beach. They are close-minded nitwits. They de-friend me on FB as soon as they realize I'm trying to give their minds some fresh air! However, I will never vote for a Republican. Some make good friends, but elected office is too valuable to waste on any Republican. Hagel should be convinced to put a D up beside his name.

  6. Good point, now personally I like Hagel a lot but as a liberal living in South Carolina I have long since realized I sometimes have to vote for a republican. There are some good folks in the party and if you know them personally you find out they are just going along.

    I have got to admit I have been defriended by both several progressives for not towing the party line and a couple of idiots who coddle rabid conservatives but cloak themselves in a banner of moderation. Fuck them if they cannot take a joke and live up to their own standards.

  7. Beach, you have to vote for a Republican? Republicans run unopposed in your state? I'm here to tell you I wouldn't vote a Republican if her were running for dog-catcher.

  8. Many elected offices here in South Carolina are won or loss during the primary, many times there are simply no democrats to contest offices from something like county coroner to something as great as state senator.

    In worst case situations where all the primary republicans are assholes I write in characters like Mickey Mouse, James Tiberius Kirk, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck.

    From what I understand all my cartoon and science fiction votes are thrown out.

  9. My mom was a good Republican... the old fashioned kind. She worked for IKE. That' kind of GOP. But I don't see much / any of it around any longer. Mom used to say, "vote for the man" ... I've lived long enough, been duped enough and now I quite understand that's considerably the most of the trouble with all of it....