Saturday, July 1, 2006

World Cup Soccer?

More Like a Dixie Cup.

Don't accuse me of losing perspective on this: Darfur is a site of crimes against humanity.

But the World Cup in Germany is still a crime scene of sorts.

It is still a significant crime to see four years of effort come down to a miserable shoot-out. I will not be a fan until futbol sees the wisdom of resolving ties with sudden death overtime play instead of the round-robin of penalty kicks as of present. Let the lads settle it on the field with a continuation of team play, head-to-head, mano-a-mano, instead of a firing squad. That's obscene and totally bloodless.

The tie-breaking shootout resolution of the German-Argentine game was an atrocity I refused to watch.

Rather than investigation of the post-game brawl, FIFA should ponder their tie-breaking rule which ignited it.


  1. Goalies don't do zip for 90 minutes. Why not make them step up and take it on their shoulders?

  2. Regarding the lack of response on this thread to date, it is gratifying to conclude that
    (a) my modest circle of readers agree with me, that next to politics, even World Cup Soccer is a frivolous game and
    (b) I am right - at least once - on the frivolous point made in the post above!

    The Anglo-Portuguese game was, yesterday, "settled" by a shootout, BTW.

  3. Blogging-4-Food, your opinion is uninformed, but not ignored.

  4. Not a bad idea, though, to transplant the shootout into the game of politics? Have Bush and Ahmadinejad settle it personally that way? With balls or bullets - makes no difference to me. Progress could be made...

  5. This frigging sports scene is making me nauseated. It's not the futbol only, although it's the worst, but all of the professional sports. Overpaid gladiators are doing it for us so we don't have to lift our big, fat, and lardy asses off the easychair.

    We Europeans used to have nice bloody wars to take care of who's who but since we are so integrated now, the only way to show the hegemony is to dress some clowns in stupid little shorts to do it for us. It's not the game, it's a way to show that we are superior to you, stupid! The flags are waving, horns are blasting, explsion are booming, and battle cries are roaring. Is this a war? It very well could be, but it's just "the beautiful game". Oh yes, and if we loose, we can always take a revenge on the way home by beating, looting and burning. Beautiful game my ass!

    I for one enjoy physical activities and always have. I don't need to live through some other persons achievements and experiences and I certainly am not going to take part in this primitive flag waving and clan bonding. Ram that futbol up to your kilt, lad!

  6. Now that's what I call a rippin' good rant. What I want to ask Pekka is, if Canada had a 'side' in for the World Cup, would he be signing a different tune?

  7. Of course, there is a (slight) possibility that my sentiments toward the World Cup are based on that no Canadian or Finnish teams are to be seen there. However, it propably is that I see this sort of sporting events in a more sinister way.

    There is something so pathetic with these fellows, that are past their prime, going absolutely nuts if their team wins. Things get even worse when the team is on a loosing side. Big, hairy, toothless, and potbellied Neanderthals crying like little babies because our lads got beaten by their lads. There is a noticeable increase in wife beatings right after such a devastating catastrophe and even the kids better find a new hiding place because old man is in a pissy mood.

    How about those packs of wolfs that roam around before and after a game and resettle the score in a more manly way? Teams on the pitch maybe had one lousy goal to show for a night's work but these slope heads managed to turn over 65 cars, 7 busses, 14 fish and chips stands, brake 211 store windows, and kill a cop. European sophistication in action, isn't it?

    I am sure that there are many psychology books written about the need to associate that closely with a group of men that basically have nothing common with you. They don't live in your depressing slums, and their lifes, afforded by your generous and life-long contributions, have no connection to yours. As an individual you might be a mild mannered chap but with your sporting buddies, six pints of ale, and wearing your team collors, you matamorphosize into an Alfa wolf.

    I could go on and on but, knowing that by now you have had more than enough, I will end my rant here. Oh, just in case, I better make it clear - I DON'T LIKE FUTBOL!

  8. Vigilante, of possible interest only to Pekka, of the four Brits kicking in the Anglo-Portuguese shoot-out, only one scored a goal. And he was Canadian-born.

  9. Yeah, Owen somebody? This shows how much I and 30 million others care. Besides, he was just a degree or two less hyphenated Canadian than I am. His parents were dyed in the wools Brits and he has the dual citizenship.

    We should actually call him a GAMMA Canadian, or something.

  10. "Yeah, Owen somebody?"

    Thus doth Pekka disclose he pays some attention to the World Cup!

  11. Recidivist, horse feathers! I never paid any attention to The World Cup.

    My virgin ears never heard an enthusiastic GOOOOAAAALL, or any such thing, by overly eager play by play man, neither did I take a peek of any of those earth shattering abnormalties called man scoring a goal in a game of futbol. As the matter of fact, I consider watching a couple of flies doing it on my windowsill more interesting than that. What comes to Owen somebody, the name has been broadcasted in the regular CBC news.

  12. So, another penalty kick shoot-out resolution - this one decides the World Cup?

    I leave the teevee room and shut the door.

    (I'm sure FIFA will regret my absence from its audience, and reform at once, toute de suit!)

  13. You didn't miss anything, Vigilante.

    Being Français, I have to acknowledge feeling the Italian outcome was justified as I am embarrassed by Zinedine Zidane's head-butting of Marco Materazzi in the chest. That was cold-blooded to the max and might have otherwise been erased or - worse - validated by a French victory.

    Good on the referees for catching it!

  14. I am a bit late and perhaps nobody comes along here any more, but I just learned; before the shoot-outs it was a good old flip the coin that decided the futbol supremacy of the universe. I say, it was nuts before and it still is!

  15. Being American, I'm embarrassed by Bush's cold-blooded invasion of Iraq. I hope we can stop him from finishing his game; if he doesn't get "sent-off" for his innumerable fouls before the end of his game, pre-emptive, un-provoked attacks will be validated as a legitimate thread in U.S. foreign policy.

  16. Pekka, a shoot out is preferable to a coin toss. But there are other, more preferable alternatives.

    How about a sudden-death overtimes?

    How about, in the 3rd overtime, removing a player after he kicks a ball out out of bounds? That would be exciting!

  17. But it's the tradition and as far as the Europeans are concerned it cancels such stupid things as progress and common sense. By the year 2107 they might try something "new".