Sunday, January 28, 2007

Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha in Baghdad and Kabul!

In a perfect world foreign policy should begin at the water's edge.

The president should represent the voice of the American people, united in their trust in him. But, an exception has to be made when the worst president in history insists on remaining 'The Decider' for the last two years of his last term. Based upon his past decisions in the Middle East, he has lost the trust and confidence of the American people. In his case, the national interest requires another voice. Now, finally, we have one.

If the worst president in history can't be impeached, he can be ignored. The nation cannot wait for a new decider.


  1. Maybe all we need is a few more pairs of ears. Al-Maliki told Pelosi that he would like to see 50,000 U.S. troops leave by the end of the year. I haven't heard that before.

  2. "If the worst president in history can't be impeached, he can be ignored." This is how far the tragedy has reached.

    The lame duck presidency at home, created by this man, and the continuation of the mistakes and the mismanagement has made him also "a leper" in the international scene. The leader of the most powerful country and also the most important elected official in the world is side lined, rendering him into the most bizarre situation where the best thing for him is to hide in order to minimize other wise assured failure. The U.S. cannot afford this and neither can the world at large. This elephant might be obvilious to the damage he is causing, but do we really have to wait till he breaks the last dish in the china shop?

  3. If the worst president in history can't be impeached, he can be ignored.

    I wonder. I've raised my personal "odds of impeachment" meter from 30% to 60% just recently.
    Reason being: anyone noticed that Cheney's balls are being systematically chopped off?

    Maybe coincidence but if I were going to oust this prez I would first want to make certain Cheney would not be stepping up to fill his shoes.

  4. Freelance! She's doing a great job.

  5. pekka, The metaphor of "the elephant in a china shop" is most apt. I've been thinking about this a great deal lately and have considered writing about it further.

    And, perhaps, a child in the china shop is even more appropriate. For George Bush is our offspring and, therefore, our responsibility. We are a democracy and we re-elected him based, in no small part, on his Iraq policies (nevermind that many (all???) here in this room never voted for him).

    Like a parent whose child breaks a vase in the China Shop we have several obligations. Yes, we must stop his destructive behavior.

    But we are also obligated to pay for the vase. To clean up the mess, if you will.

    To simply take the child (or the elephant) home and leave the shop in ruins isn't sufficient. Our moral, leganl and financial obligations go beyond that.

    the Wizard.......

  6. At some point, the members of Congress are going to have to say that impeachment is imperative because Bush is either totally incompetent or mentally a very sick man. Those characteristics are possible even in an elected president, and in such circumstances the country cannot continue to follow his lead just because he is the commander in chief. And there just have to be steps to avoid having Cheney take his place.

  7. And we impeached Clinton for sex, for God's sake?!

  8. Yeah, Lil'Bill. On another site, I suggested that someone could win the Nobel Peace Prize (of the century!) hands down if they could just catch and photograph George Bush and Tony Blair in bad together.

  9. Slowly but surely, we are taking control. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

  10. First a revealing picture of Bush and Chavez. Now one with Blair and Bush in a private moment. Never would have thought Bush was such a player.