Sunday, May 6, 2007

Supporting the Troops???

How about a moment of critical thinking?
Peter N. Kirstein is professor of history at Saint Xavier University and a member of Historians Against the War. Two months ago, few noticed that Kirstein blew a hole in the fog of Bush's war occupation when he wrote on the History News Network,
It would appear that if the 110th Congress wishes to end the carnage and the crime that is Iraq, it would have to cease funding future military operations. This would take political courage because of the never ending myth that supporting the war is required in order to support the troops. Of course, military conflicts are not fought for the troops but for alleged war aims that purportedly serve the national interest. Whether those war aims are just or not, wars are never fought to benefit the combatants, who suffer and sacrifice greatly in a conflict, but for some other constituency.

. . . . Engaged citizens would do well to remember Vietnam, when a Congress decided that the national interest and the international community would benefit from an end to the war. Such is the time now, when militarists need to be challenged, super-patriots need to be confronted and a president needs to be stopped in the prosecution of the Iraq War Occupation.
Supporting the troops has come to mean relieving the Commander-Guy of his command.


  1. Pelosi says Commander-Guy wants a blank check. Only 28% of Americans want her to sign it.

  2. The way I see it, defunding the war would hurt Democrats, because the GOP will spin that into Democrats snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, just like they did over Vietnam. While that wouldn't play today, it would in time for the 2012 elections, because the US voting public is tragically uninformed and inexcusably forgetful. The solution? IMPEACH CHENEY and BUSH!

  3. I agree with tomcat Impeach Cheney & Bush!!! Send them both straight to hell!!!

  4. Impeaching the chimp and his handler should be a start, but the job wont be complete till every zionist neocon criminal is behind bars for life.

  5. No more lack of accountability.

    Attach conditions to funding.

    Impeach Bush/Cheney.

    The blank check era is over.

  6. My cousin in Iraq wrote home for water. That's right. WATER. He wanted us to send him bottles of water because the military isn't providing enough to the troops in the middle of the DESERT. And he says he's supporting them????

  7. United, I believe the taxpayers are already paying Halliburton spin-off KBR an exorbitant fee to provide fresh water to the troops. The problem is that Bush Reich cares more for KBR profit that for the troops and doesn't enforce the contract.

  8. Not enforcing a contract is the same as not having one at all, especially when our troops are dehydrated.