Friday, February 1, 2008

This Space Is Reserved for Praising a Redeemable Republican

Susan Eisenhower is our Republican-of-the-Week.
One day a week, every Friday, we make this effort in behalf of bipartisanship. Susan Eisenhower was nominated by D.B. Cooper. For the merits of his recommendation, refer to his comment below.


  1. Abraham Lincoln? His birthday is on the 12th of this month haha

  2. How about two? Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson for NOT being the next POTUS....

  3. Nominations closed. Lincoln is selected.

  4. I'm too late? Howabout life-long Republican, Susan Eisenhower, Why I'm supporting Obama, today?

  5. Nominations re-Opened:

    Susan Eisenhower is selected over Abe Lincoln (warmer body).

    Nominations closed.

  6. This is an interview with Mitt Romney on KFI (Los Angeles) radio station
    recently. Take the 15 mins. or so to listen ...... you may be surprised and
    encouraged by Romney's straight and workable answers to "John & Ken's"
    important questions.

    I really haven't heard any answers or workable ideas from the other
    candidates. Get comfortable and listen in!

  7. A total fucking waste of time.