Friday, July 4, 2008

T.G.I.F. !

And thank God it's the 4th of July, to boot!

I'll forgo celebrating a Republican, as I normally do, on Fridays. This is such a special day. Today is a day to join hands with all my fellow Americans of what ever political stripe, and celebrate our once-great country, full of hope that we can soon begin restoring it if we just join together and get started on making the necessary repairs.

As far as politics are concerned today, I'll leave that up to Miss Catherine Ballou.

She loves her George Bush Chew Toy, especially as she makes him squeal as she tosses him up in the air, bites him or crushes him to the floor with her paws.

But Ballou has more nonpartisan fun fetching her Big Dog Bone. The goal for the next few weeks is for her to learn how to play well with others.

Come to think of it, I need to work on that myself. Both Cat Ballou and I are works in progress!

In the meantime, Happy and Safe Fourth, everyone. Please don't start any more fires!


  1. vigilante, I wish you and your family and Ballou a wonderful 4th of July and much happiness and relaxation. Don't let Ballou choke on George Bush, as so many of us already have.

    While I didn't have you specifically in mind as I wrote my 4th of July blog entry praising today's harsh and negative critics of America, I do count you and your educated, literate and impassioned writings as a real blessing.

    You force me to think. You make me better. You make us all better. God Bless you and your cadre of regular contributors.

  2. I will not pretend to the eloquence of the Wizard, but in substance and thought I agree with what he said! Have a safe and happy holiday my friend!!

  3. Careful with the Bush chew toy, don't get Ballou in trouble with state security's efforts to prevent terrorism. They might do a warrantless wiretap on her phone.

  4. Look out for Ballow. The government is watching!...

    Happy belated 4th to you, Ballou and family and the rest of your family. Blessings

    America is finished in its present incarnation.

    I assume that you are dreaming to think our current political price system is any thing more than fascist Corporatism run ... and will be run .. under this system.

  6. Vig. Happy belated 4th to you, Trophy Wife and Ballou from Trophy Husband and me.

  7. Not mine, Skip. And I'm sure Stella feels the same way. You must be speaking from your own experience which, as a callow youth, may be some what limited.

  8. Nice point, Indicted Plagiarist! Well founded. Why not change your nick name to Ironic Plagiarist?

  9. Skip, dusty or dusted, I have the the perfect trophy. My youth was more dubious than callow.

  10. Bit late...

    happy 4th of July Vig!

  11. Bull shit and bushit! Pet owners prefer McCain over Obama? Not in my household! (See above) But ask all the dogs! (Speak to the Paw!) Who's the favorite chew toy of all? of all time? Bush-Toy! And bring on the McCain-Bone!

  12. You may as well get the licked milk bone Obama toy also because all of these Dog chews contain poison ingredients.
    What kind of poison?
    Special interest poison.
    Beside a few minor... minor difference these dogs run in the same pack with the same leader... : money.

  13. Speaking of running with the pack, where are all the bumperstickers of the McCainista pet owners. I recall that in my state - CA - in 2004, we saw Kerry stickers out-polling Bush stickers 55-40%. This year, I have not seen one McCain sticker!

  14. Any one see any TECHNATE bumperstickers?

  15. Howard Scott made the comment.

    '''Social change happens in direct proportion to the back of the stomach approaching the front of the spine'''

    As our system collapses .. creative alternatives are looked for.