Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight's Contests ...

feature a couple of elites.

Which one will I be watchin'? Neither one 'looks like me'....?

I think I'll be watching the one who doesn't wear a tie.

The other dude will be around a lot longer. He's The One about whom I can say,
Wait 'til next year!


  1. I'm betting McCain will take the high road tonight.

  2. I don't know about hi or lo, Bluefist. But there were many forks in McCain's road last night. So many that he fell on many of them. At least as far as the women's vote. But he remained a 'proud pro-lifer' and proud of his crowds, throughout.

  3. I didn't watch the talking heads last night. But I think all you sports fans (Republicans and Democrats alike) could have learned more watching my Dodgers fall on their fork.

    1. There's no mistaking an elite performer: Manny Ramirez is it. I have never seen a bat more perfectly swung. I have never seen any one enjoy what he does best (hitting) more. At bat, he's in his own zone. He doesn't hit them all, but he hits most of them. And you will never see him strike out, looking.

    2. It's not enough to have a single elite team leader surrounded by mediocre players. The opposition will be happy to pitch around them.

    As far as Barry O. is concerned?

    #1 is a problem. In my view, he takes too many pitches. He's always looking for a walk.

    #2? Not going to be a problem. When this Senator becomes a President, Barry's not about to follow William Buckley's preference for the first 200 names in the telephone book. He won't be looking for people who will drink beer or kool-aide with him. He'll pick other all-stars for his team.

  4. I could also say that I'm confident that Barry O. won't choke when he steps up to the plate.

  5. I watched Obama & McCain, but I didn't have a program.

    Who's Joe the Plumber? What position does he play? For which team?

  6. As long as we are mixing sports and politics this morning, read what Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson (Michelle's bro) says:

    ....the new boyfriend was a smooth athlete who -- fittingly -- tended to fake right and go left. Obama displayed none of the trash-talking or selfishness that often comes with pick-up ball. His quiet confidence, his team-first attitude -- Robinson liked all of that. But there was something even better.

    "I was like, all right, this guy's going to pass the basketball to me every time because I'm Michelle's brother. He didn't. He just played. It was great.....

    I love Barack's, for lack of a better term, his game management. As soon as something happens that I think Barack should attack somebody, he says, 'No, we're sticking to the game plan.'

    That's what good teams do. The other team makes a 15-point run on them and they stick with the game plan..

    LA Times

  7. Hi Vigilante, I found your nice blog from a comment you left at DaddybStrong (MacDaddy) today, and the letter you shared from your son was very on point and moving enough for you do a post on it. Really. I'm old school too, and waiting for this 400 year old dream of what American can should be come true.

    Anyway, come visit my blog if you get some time. ~ Kit

  8. Vig, Nice blog.
    McCain has become a gross little man and it showed in his demeanor last night.