Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The 2008 Election In words and Pictures

In words and pictures
First the words.

Bernard-Henri Levy on the Charlie Rose last night related what "an Average American woman" told him yesterday:
Rosa Parks sat
so that
Martin Luther King could walk
so that
Barack Obama could run
so that
the American people could fly.
Levy said this was the American equivalent of China's "Long March".

And the pictures:


  1. I still can't believe it, Emily. It still brings tears to my eyes. It can't be helped. We are changed. Not enough yet, not nearly enough. But we - all of us - are agents of change.

  2. Oh, Emily, this post is amazing. As a young girl, I remember Civil Rights marches and LBJ working with Dr. King to bring the Civil Rights Amendment for Johnson's signature. My awareness came from the good fortune of being born in a liberal family.

    Vigilante wrote everything else I would say. I just wonder if somewhere, the great poet Langston Hughes, is joyously celebrating.


    Now dreams
    Are not available
    To the dreamers,
    Nor songs
    To the singers.

    In some lands
    Dark night
    And cold steel
    But the dream
    Will come back,
    And the song
    Its jail.

  3. I don't have the words to express my joy! It is just so exciting to be a part of something so big. Never have I felt this way before. And never have I been more proud to be an American.

  4. For the first time I'm REALLY proud of my country.

  5. Emily, here are some pictures you missed. Have Kleenex tissues handy. H/T to Edgar Newt.