Thursday, November 13, 2008

Much is Expected of POTUS #44

This is the Best Case Scenario.
Just how high is the bar of expectancy held for Barack Obama?
Pretty damned high. Here are the details.

But the devil is really in the details of today's headlines:

With all of these devils Bush and Cheney are leaving for Barry to exorcise, I'm not looking forward to 2009 as a very good year. Assuming I have to live through it, I'm not sure I'll want to be blogging or even reading politics.

Personally, I'm all set for disappointment. I've always argued for impeachment; failing that, for undoing all that Bush has done, sort of a reset button on the 21st century. That's the improbable scenario, isn't it? From this perspective, the election of Barack Obama has never been the solution for me, but a grand, satisfying and enjoyable consolation.


  1. The Afghanistan conflict is going to be the biggest news of the next several years I am afraid. It is true that the insurgency has grown much stronger because Dubya and the gang took their eyes of that particular ball to play in Iraq. That little bit of idiocy is going to prove even more costly than it already has. As a result I don't expect any reduction in deficits or any increase in spending except for the most important programs, services, and etc. Why in the world taxes are being cut in the face of this burden is beyond me. Obama truly has his work cut out for him.

  2. Yep, Vig -- I'm afraid that you're right again: Much is expected of 44th POTUS indeed...that said, I agree with MadMike -- simply not realistic to believe that the incredible mess can be treshed out in one sitting, i.e., in 4 years.

    I think that if Pres-elect Obama hits the ground running on Jan 20, the world, and more importantly, the Americans, will be patient.

    Problem here is how patient will MSM be? They might prove a pain in the a°° once the honeymoon with Obama is over!

  3. My previous post at my site was on people expecting to much of Obama with the huge mess Bush left him. Right now I'll be happy if we get out of Iraq responsibly, get the economy back on a sound footing, and start rebuilding some of our crumbling infrastructure. My worries is that our enemies feel we are wounded right now and will take this time to strike. It would be a mistake on their part but it will make everything harder.

  4. Afghanistan can be fought much cheaper than Iraq, and Iraq is ready to partition. Not saying this will go smoothly, just that we really can get out of Iraq and lower the burn rate.

    The real problem, probably, will be Pakistan. It's the only place in the world where al Qaeda (vs. Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood) has a vast support base. The best outcome is peace, of course, but the hard one is a war between it and India.

  5. "Chimpy Sent Off to Combat" would also be a wonderful headline.

  6. More bad news:

    Anti-American Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr called Friday for armed resistance against any agreement that allowed a continued United States presence in Iraq.

    I repeat my demand to the occupier to leave our land without keeping bases or signing agreements. If they keep bases, then I would support honorable resistance..

  7. ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- Pakistan has indefinitely blocked travel for convoys, carrying food and military supplies to US troops in Afghanistan, through the key Kyber mountain pass.