Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blogger's Anti-Spam Robots Have Destroyed One of My Sites

Apparently they have been concerned about Spam coming from blog sites.

My site is not one of them. I have always been a good Netizen!

I have only used it to mirror my main site, to prepare and format articles which I ultimately publish here.

There is no reason for this outrage! Google will not respond to my emailed complaints.

I therefore and hereby warn all my fellow bloggers that, under BLOGGER, they continue to blog only under the capricious and lead-footed boots of this behemoth.


  1. I am looking into getting an actual web site Vigil. Blogger has too many idiosyncrasies for me, although it is easy to use.

  2. Most of the time I'm not able to comment on your site, Rainy Walker's and the field negro site as well. I've tried everything.

  3. I opened a Wordpress site recently that I'm still learning the ropes on. I'm not ready yet to abandon Carolina Parrothead but if Blogger gets all freaky I'll have another avenue open.

  4. Vig, I don't understand what happened with Blogger? I, too, have been thinking about an actual website: it's glitchy. I have an account with Wordpress, and am considering PHP Nuke.

    Here's a Top 10 that I Googled (max $4.95/mo), and a Free Web Host site.

    PHP sites are challenging to maintain. If anyone goes stops Blogger and goes this route, try Sharepoint (replaced FrontPage, but you can still find copies—that's what I'm looking for now) and Dreameaver (expensive: $399). Good Free site.

    Here's my dream product, at $2,400.

  5. Thanks for your comments, Friends.

    My conclusion is that Google cares 95% more about the sanctity of its G-mail installation than its Blogger community. It is waging all-out war against span on behalf of the former. I am just a victim of collateral damage. I am not alone, as I have discovered.

  6. I had a wordpress account, but found it clunky since I was so used to blogger. But this would make my life a hell. Did they tell you why?

  7. Let the record show, my friends, Blogger has restored my back-up site. Thanks for your attention and concern! Perhaps because of your attention and concern!

  8. Always keep backup copies of your blogs. Just save your stuff and it will be easy to set up shop somewhere else if necessary.

  9. Vig, glad everything is OK. Unfortunately, there's no longer a "do no evil" policy at Google.