Thursday, June 11, 2009

First they came for the abortionists . . .


Fox News doesn't care.
But I do.

I didn't used to care much about abortion. Always was against abortion, sort of. Always said I was against it except & unless a prospective mother, armed with professional advice from her chosen physician, wanted it for whatever private reason.

That means, of course, that I was pro-choice.

Now I am pro-abortion.

I believe in abortion on demand. Early abortion. Mid-term abortion. Late-term abortion. Free abortion. Tax-paid abortion.

In some cases, retroactive abortion.


  1. Fox is the perfect media outlet for the ultra-conservative Republican Party of today: shallow, belligerent, cold, and heartless. To those adjectives, I might add: irresponsible. With the far right growing ever more angry and vicious, with the over-the-top hate murders committed by Roeder and now Von Brunn, all Fox "News" does is fan the flames of discord and extremism with its recklessly slanted reporting and punditry. They are the TV version of the National Enquirer. What type of insane extreme action will they incite next?

  2. Yes, Faux has the ear of, and gives voice to, domestic terrorism.

  3. I agree with Jack, Boris, and Vigil. Fox news reporters give rise to unrest and encourage violence.

  4. You've made several leaps of logic that are fascinating. First you assume a comedian relegated to 3am on FOX somehow speaks for Fox and/or conservatives in general. About 6 people a week see or hear Gutfeld.

    Second you either missed Gutfeld's point or chose to ignore it. Gutfeld certainly wasn't endorsing murder, but noting, quite correctly, that Dr. Tiller's horrific murder became a media cause celeb, eclipsing all other murders and all other news.

    Finally, you assume, 100% WRONGLY, the conservatives either cheer Tiller's murder or feel it was somehow justified. This is absolutely untrue. I read two dozen conservative blogs daily (including the most important) and every conservative has strongly condemned the murder.

  5. First they called themselves 'comedians'... and 'entertainers'...

  6. Comedians and entertainers? (Limbaugh is dismissively called an entertainer.)

    What kind of jokes can be made or entertainment derived from political assassinations in our country?

  7. Got to take up for Shepard Smith, he may be the only "sane" person in the Faux daily lineup.

    I've read recent statements that he called the DHS report on domestic terrorists a warning, said his email had become frightening with right wingnuts, and pretty well mocked Glenn Beck and his ego.

    The rest of the Faux crew I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. Well, I would make an exception for a few of the hot chicks as long as the didn't open their mouths to talk.

    What surprises me is to see how far Chris Wallace has fallen from his daddy's standards.

  8. I like Gutfeld's show on Fox (it's probably the only show on that network that I do like). But on this particular blog of his, he doesn't sound any different from the rest of them over there. Must be something in the air-ducts.

  9. This response is directed to Wizard:

    In a democracy political killings are distinguished from common murders. That’s why many of them are called assassinations. The killing of a political leader, a witness in a court trial, writer or a journalist is a blow against the nation and its constitution. It is intended to silence the victim, to deny society of his further contribution in words or deeds. Such anti-democratic atrocities deserve paramount attention from all of us and all of our institutions.

    So it is with George Tiller. They wanted to stop and silence him.

    I will do what I can to deny these terrorists any more ground than they have already seized because of the silence, neglect, fear, and indifference of mainline political leaders and media.

    Because George Tiller speaks to me from beyond his grave. He embodied the truths I now realize I had always held but never voiced:

    Fetuses are not people. They are only prospective people. Potential people. They don't have right to life. Their prospective mothers have dominion over them, not God.

    “Trust women” was his motto.

    It comes down to who is the patient. Is the woman the patient, or is the fetus the patient? One or other is the patient. I've never heard a fetus talk to me. I've heard thousands and thousands of women share their pain, their desperation, and their hopelessness.

    “Trust women” was his motto. Not the bible-thumping bullies and terrorists.

  10. Tim Rutten addresses the Lone Wolf strategy by the right wing to avoid detection as a conspiracy:

    Perhaps we should take another look at that Homeland Security report warning of the dangers of domestic terrorism.

    Don't be afraid; but be very forewarned.

  11. I think that that report would have been more palatable to people had it also included left-wing environmetal terrorists, hard-core animal-rights activists, etc.. It certainly would have taken the partisan sting out anyway. Just a thought, folks.

  12. Five great questions are asked by the StarSpangledHaggis. My favorite is #2:

    Why does the pro-life movement not just change its name to what it really is: Pro-Fetus?

    Other questions are probably more urgent.