Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mad Mike's America Moves Up-Town!

My compliments to Mad Mike of MadMike's America. And to his entire MMA Crew. His new site has definitely moved Up-Town

A software architecture tapped from Word Press? Maybe. What is "Codex"? Whatever!

Mad Mike has definitely hit a grand-slam home run, and it's a game-changing development among my blogging friends. I have to admit it, I didn't think Mike had an innovative bone in his ancient body. But I was totally wrong! (And I always admit it, whenever I've been wrong!)

And now? I'll have to go and add another New Year's Resolution: Never to sell Mad Mike Short!


  1. Thanks my friend. This means a lot, and of course you always admit when you're wrong:-) BTW what is CODEX?? :-) :-)

  2. Hey, Pal! What did you do? Quit your day job???

  3. Vigil LOL Mike's ancient body!

  4. What's all this ancient body talk, Mike told me he was 29-years-old.

  5. LOL! You guys are killing me...and apparently, by these comments, that will be no great feat:-) :-)