Friday, January 1, 2010

Obama Should Exercise Leadership (Somewhere!) on Airport Security!

Three years years ago I published on Backscatter, a full-body scanner technology, and recommended its implementation. More recently, I promoted the same on Swiftspeech.

Consider the Republican alternative??? --------------------->

When jihadist nuts are willing to place explosives in their own body cavities, the time for this technology has arrived. It should not be voluntary.

The failed Christmas Day attack aboard a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner has created congressional calls for greater use of body scanners that advocates say would have detected non-metallic items such as the explosives an Islamic militant from Nigeria is accused of smuggling on board.

Obama should get ahead of the curve on this one, (if no where else,) and push for full body scanning at all major airports in the USA. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) don’t need legislation from Congress to start using the devices at any of the 560 U.S. airports with scheduled airline service.

Dutch authorities said on Wednesday Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, where the Nigerian suspect made a connection, will begin using full-body scanners within three weeks.

The devices detect objects concealed under clothes and can produce detailed images of the body. Operators in a separate room view images that blur the face and genitalia.

Because ceramic knives and explosive powders and liquids can pass through standard metal detectors without setting off alarms, authorities might consider forcing passengers to pass through whole-body imaging machines.

Please let the ACLU wail and roll over. But just let us get on with the terms of living in the 21st Century?


  1. Yeah! What you have to do! Focus the jihadist watch on the crotch!

  2. True Vig.
    You were right three years ago, and you are right today. Scanners and other intensified screening is an imperative.
    It cannot be voluntary or be circumvented in any way.
    If anyone's afraid that Lorraine or whoever manning the scanners at the airports are going to see that you have a small dick or are wearing a wonder bra? -tough shit. The miracle of transcontinental flight is not a right, it's a privilege. Living on the ground minding your own business, free from the fear that an airplane could explode or crash and take out your entire neighborhood and everybody you know IS a right however and scanners and other screening measures (meticulously applied by professionals who know what they are doing) will guarantee both.

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  5. I'm the kind of person who has very little problem inserting a GPS ID chip in every world citizen (If it was judged harmless). But I've heard that full body scanners don't detect objects that are internally "inserted." Like the dude in Saudi Arabia who set of a bomb in his colon in front of a prince there. I believe that we need people not machines. I think that the Israelis (please let me know if I'm wrong) use a very successful method that involves interviewing every person who flies there personally. Then they look for behavioral abnormalities before they do further screening. I think I trust the judgement of security people more than a security scan, and that employs people, too. Then there are these red flags Chertoff pitching body scanners that I swear I heard get disclosed on Meet the Press today, but I can't find the transcript or see it on MSNBC's video of the show...This is a conflict of interest in a really gross way.

  6. I fully support the use of technology, coupled with well-trained individuals, to help keep us safe. I don't agree that the president needs to be stationed at the airports personally searching passengers anymore than I agree that EVERYTHING that goes on in America needs tohe personal intervention of the president.

  7. Amen. Let's get into the 21st century.

  8. I've been held up enough at airports with shoes on and off, taking everything out of my computer case, etc... and I'm all for security... but you know, I'm not going to go for it to have my body searched by cavity without good cause and I refuse the GPS chip on my this point. I think it a fine personal security system... chosen by the individual. My next trip overseas shall probably keep me bitching for a month. :-)