Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Musings ....

In the middle of February - Valentine's Day to be exact - I decided to go on a three-month sabbatical. That turned out to be just a suspension on posting threads. Comments? I couldn't refrain from commenting completely. (I'm not a potted plant.) Even so, I am breaking the sabbatical on posting threads long enough to register my experience of vacating to this point.

It has been salutary. Taking substantial leave from defending Progressive ramparts agrees with me. Personally, I like standing down. It's a relief, coming in out of the cold rain.

I still feel "liberal", but not at the moment "Progressive". I no longer rise in the morning infused with a belief in Progress for my America. Mainly that's because I feel that my fellow Americans - most of them - are too fickle and too afflicted with short-term memories. Americans are altogether too susceptible to being seduced into betraying their common community good in favor of buying into a corporate secular religion which sanctifies unfettered private property. Americans are too stupid to deserve progress. Ignorance can be corrected; stupid is incorrigible, uneducatable.

So why bother with politics? Life is too short.

This is to say I sense myself drifting back into that good ol' Clintonesque WTF liberalism. That was where I was in 1999, after all, when George Bush's presidential candidacy rudely awakened me from streaming my good dreams and pursuing my competitive recreations de jour. I am beginning to recover that hedonistic balance in my life. National League Baseball resumes as the English Premier League finishes up. The World Cup is right around the corner. And, I am busy composing my growing perennial bucket list of racing yachts on which I'm still seeking a sail. Perchance to own? (No - that's why I chuck two bucks a week at the Lotto - my personal IRA-plus.)

Maybe I'm also learning not to take myself too seriously. Reintegration is another thing. I still miss blogging. Maybe I'll have to reinvent myself, on-line. WTF knows?

To show how far I have slithered out of my political foxholes, this past weekend I begged Trophy Wife to allow me to escort her to the symphony. That's the first time in this young century.

I did not doze off during Barber's Adagio for Strings!


  1. Fucking Vigil has gone AWOL!

  2. Vig,

    Thanks for sharing Barber's Adagio!

    But what on earth is going on with YOU?

    This post, these "new clothes" you wear in this posting, do not suit you.

    While I applaud your attempt to seek ways to lead a more balanced life, I fear you are sinking into an arrogant cynicism that could become fatally toxic to your very soul.

  3. OMG. Let's all be more gentle with one another! Vigil I do not find you arrogant at all. Cynicism would be understandable. I'm really finding that even those I vehemently disagree with do have genuine motives (even if it's simply career preservation--like the MSM, or even f-d up). Not that I won't hold people responsible for what they say, I'll just try to address the behavior, not the person. Welcome back! Looks like we're off on a political adventure and here's my hope that our war in Afghanistan ends soon.

  4. Sobering that you no longer call yourself a Progressive. I assume that Obama has sullied it for you at the same time that Beck has made it valuable to me. I changed my facebook from very liberal to progressive and thought of you!

  5. ...I'm still seeking a sail. Perchance to own? (No - that's why I chuck two bucks a week at the Lotto - my personal IRA-plus.

    Amen brother! I ever hit it big with the lotto I'm naming by boat "Fools Errand". Then I have to learn to sail.

  6. Good for you Vigil. Sending you good thoughts... may you be as you wish. Good for you my friend.

  7. Go in peace Vigil. The hard Left Obama haters will miss you.

    Support the Troops and Support the Mission!

    Support Health Care Reform!

    Support our Great President!

    Cynics: Join the Tea-Baggers!

  8. Aston Villa to beat Chelsea tomorrow.

  9. No, Holte. No, I have Emile Heskey as not likely to start. 20 minutes before the Birmingham-Arsenal game, I'm trading Heskey for either McFadden or Benitez. Neither one is likely to finish, but I have to go with the starter. If I get up early enough, I'll make the best move I have left.


  10. AWOL? No, Boris. I will not have it said in my pages that I went absent without leave. Not as long as militarist maniacs like Mad Mike are prattling around with their hero worship in this vicinity. .

    I shall return.

  11. Pinks & Ms Barry. I am still Progressive to the bone. Just going through a tough spell.

  12. Beach, if you make it out here in the summer, consider yourself 'rail meat'! (And, that's a good thing!)

  13. Boy was I wrong, I think Villa must be saving themselves for the FA Cup Semi-Final, lulling Chelsea into a false sense of security.

  14. You were wrong? The only thing I got right was Heskey. But all my other last minute transactions turned gold into brass. I am toast.

  15. If you are ever in Az. and want to go to a Diamondbacks game drop me line. It would be my pleasure.
    Re: "Militarist Maniacs" = Closet Neocon. LOL