Saturday, March 6, 2010

Part Of The Hidden Costs Of Continual And Unnecessary War & Occupation

It's visual and palpable
to the mother of
Sgt. Jose Pequeño.


  1. This blog site has turned to crap of late.

  2. The guy is chief of police in his small town.he was a local hero about 10 years ago for diving into a river to save an 18 month old baby who'd fallen in.32 years old.

  3. Petro - Get a life. This guy has apparently lost half his fucking head fighting for his country. It may well be an illegal war and quite possibly an unjust war but don't fuck with the armed services fighting it. If that's all you can get out of your small pea like brain then do yourself a favour and shove your head up your arse.

    God!! I don't usually get the hump like this.

    I'm anti-war for fucks sake!

    If you really think that is an appropriate comment here Petro then catch cancer and die.

    I think I'll go to sleep now...

    Sorry Vigil.

    A time and a place eh?

  4. I support this war because I believe the mission is necessary, regardless as a veteran who has been to war I have great empathy for those who are fighting it. People like Petro have no place in life and I agree with what 4D said. It is all about respect...

  5. Mike, your mission to Afghanistan is unsupportable. You don't "support" it. You wish you could. But you are not lifting a finger to support your "mission". The American people can't 'support' your 'mission' because they can't afford it! They won't raise taxes to support it! It is unsustainable. The only ones "supporting" your "mission", Mike, are the Chine$e. And maybe the Russians. Afghanistan is smoke and mirrors. You are a sap, Mike.

  6. Vigilante - When it comes to politicians fucking us over aren't we all?

  7. Yes, 4-D, when it comes to elections, all of us voters have to become saps. We have to choose between a very limited number of alternatives. But becoming a sap to a policy or policies - that's quite a different thing.

    I have no regrets for backing Obama's elections. I anticipate having no regrets in opposing his post-election policies and leadership styles.

    Only a potted plant would be a sap to his unsustainable and unaffordable Afghanistan policy.

  8. O! So here you all are! IP... the picture has the intended VALUE! It's worth millions of words... good post.

  9. We used to have Screaming Lord Sutch and The Monster Raving Loony Party. Now those were the days!...;-)

  10. A visual reminder that our soldiers now live through the horrors of war more than they used to. Sobering.