Sunday, April 4, 2010

News Item From Afghanistan

More evidence that NATO is clueless in Afghanistan and that Obama's project to rescue Bush's occupation there is unsustainable.


  1. Chris Floyd made a great point in a story recently.Why are we so worried about the teabaggers when it's this administration killing people, as Dennis Blair testified we have the right to do anywhere on Earth?
    The article also pointed out that until Glen Beck's followers start killing Afghan villagers, we need to be worried about the guys with the tanks and the nukes. Good advice.

  2. yes... Oso, it's time we ceased being concerned with the 'threat' of southern white hatism and concern ourselves with actual lack of progress on the national / global field of policy and progress. Let the teabaggers & the 9-12 beckers eat their own serpentine tail. We need to be more openly aware of greater picture.
    It's time to reclaim an active interest in the actual politics that are being invested... not any rhetoric.
    It's all fine to observe the sublimely ridiculous, as we address dynamics of decisions being made in Washington DC.

  3. (hit the enter by accident...) observe, etc, but, it's a greater value to discuss and explore the reality or the dynamics of policies being invested in Washington DC.
    hope this is reading...