Friday, April 2, 2010

Problemas Causados Pelo Desmatamento

Another problem caused by deforestation

Every day we cut down more and more trees! Stop deforestation now!


  1. You can tell that that black & tan at the back of the line is not a Doberman, because all Dobies get to go to the front of the line!

  2. Oh, now this is mad funny....says my 16 yr old daughter, and trust is hard to amuse bravo to you...

  3. Speaking from my hated suburbia position its really a funny situation about trees. On one hand I have seen people cut perfectly healthy trees down just because they did not fit the landscaping plan. On the other I have seen people have to cut all the trees down in their yard due to some sort of disease or bug to prevent them from spreading.

    But absolutely the worst time is that within the last few months I have seen both a huge swath of woods and a peach orchid in my area cut down to make way for a new McMansion housing development and a new strip mall.

  4. Absolutely absolutely absolutely funny!