Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Afghanistan Is Radioactive

I was party to a bone scan today. In the early moments of the procedure a conversation broke out. It went like this, verbatim:
Patient: Do you ever get any wise guys in here?

Radiologist: What do you mean? You were in a couple of years ago....

Patient: Wise guys who complain that you're using the same ol' technology?

Radiologist: We do what we do. What would a wise guy complain about?

Patient: Wiseguys -- I'm not one of them -- might complain that you're using pre-Obama technology ....

Radiologist: That oil spill? Is that post-Obama, isn't it?

Patient: No, that's a Bush-era oil spill. Bush set it up.

Radiologist: Well, it's just too bad that the government doesn't have enough money to inspect every single oil well and coal mine, isn't it?

Patient: Fuck if we don't! We have enough money to inspect every godamned toilet and out-house in Afghanistan! Huh??

Radiologist: [Pressing down firmly on patient's chest]: Calm down. We can't have you shaking up the old equipment in here until this is over. This country has been 'round a few centuries. It's going to be okay.

Patient: Which country? the USA or Afghanistan?

Radiologist: USA, but I get your point. The USA is becoming more like Afghanistan every day. Bombs and bullets going off like elsewhere.
Enough said.


  1. Thx to Fearguth at Bildungblog, for the use of his graphic.

  2. I read an article today regarding the war we continue to push in Pakistan, pitting the Pakistani army against their own Taliban in the tribal areas. Gets steadily worse there too. The Pakistanis seem to hate us more and more, and it's totally understandable.The drones are all based in Pakistan. Some are launched and controlled all the way from Nellis AFB in Nevada, but to the Pakistani and Afghani people it makes it somehow worse that the drones are launched from their own territory.

  3. Speaking of radioactivity? Greece is radioactive. If you ask me.

  4. What? You mean Karzai ain't going to make his warlord brother inspect all the toilets for us? Damn, billions just don't buy good dictators anymore.

    Nuke them all,I'm tired of this shit or let China take over.

  5. I was against the drone attacks....before I was for 'em....and now I'm against them again. You're right. At this point, they're probably doing more harm than good. And, yes, I totally agree with double b, too - piss on Karzai!

  6. I've been wondering what you've been up to Skipper! Now I know: educating the medical community~!
    There are several significant points attended to in your short conversation. I've agreed all along we need to OUT of Afghanistan. More than ever with $ it's going to cost to begin to deal with the Gulf ocean disaster. What triggers my mind right now are two distinctions that are soon to be very politically polarizing: PRE Obama and POST Obama... because not much seems to happening in OBAMA time... well, not much that I think is HOPEY CHANGEY... but I'm upset and tired of it like Beach... crying over edge of destruction and infuriated over the President stepping into it too late with too little. Yeah, I expect us to elect someone who will fuck the compromising and step in with a clean blade and get it bloody in the beheading of all this laissez faire political 'reality'.
    but i digress...

  7. Good comments, Ms Barry. And these are times for multi-digressions. That's what I'm doing: exploring/exploiting digressions... in parallel universes.

  8. Mr. Hart, Drone attacks are details. I support them. Being in Afghanistan up to our balls is the mega-catastrophe. I oppose that.

  9. Beach, has the right idea, IMO: The Chinese are the only ones who can afford Afghanistan. The problem is, these ex-commies/nouveau capitalists are smarter than we are [do you think?] even though they're right next door!

  10. S. Proxy is right on Greece. This is a bailout to help the capitalist class everywhere.

  11. I'm opposed to such a large footprint in Afghanistan, too, Vig. As for the drones, they're clealy a double-edged sword. Yes, we're killing a lot of bad guys. But, are we not also creating at least as many more with the collateral damage? I'm also very concerned about destabilizing an already unstable (not to mention nuclear rich) regime.

  12. Unfortunately even if we weren't spending billions in Afghanistan we wouldn't be spending it on health care or education. It would be rolled back into the defense budget. That makes it even worse.