Saturday, June 5, 2010

Accidental Acuity

I don't know who Bob Somerly is. Know nothing about him except to say he is not universally loved by those I unconditionally love. But I do think he nailed something to the oak when he wrote this in the Daily Howler:
Indeed, the liberal world is increasingly adopting the core values of the mainstream press corps. We run on silly sexy-time tales, and on invented lies by opponents. This is low-IQ tabloid work, pure and simple—and it’s a culture which will never serve progressive interests. By the way: This is the culture of the mainstream press—the punishing culture with which the mainstream chased down, first Clinton, then Gore. ... Will progressive interests ever prosper within such a brain-dead culture? We strongly doubt it...
Anyone who elbows Rachel Maddow is not my guru. But these lines constitute a credible signpost marking the highways and byways of our descent a from the city on the hill: had to save them from being covered by the ongoing ooze of American crude.

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  1. Unfortunately the media must entertain the masses to get their neilson rating$$$, and the media knows the masses generally don't or can't think past one-liners. ("The Tribe has spoken", "I'm lovin' it", "Call your doctor", "Film at 11"), cattle calls for the brain dead culture. Tabloid work is a good definition and I fear most read only the headlines.

    The problem is, intelligent type thinking people are far outnumbered by the mediocre and dim witted. So I gotta' ask, is the 4th estate the way it is for greed and profit or is that just the best they can do?

    At least we have Kieth Olbermann. As he exposes the lies of his "peers", to his disdain, has to air the occasional Brittany Spears spot to appease the corporate interests.