Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paul Conrad, R.I.P.


  1. Sad news indeed. Paul's twin brother Jim and I, along with like minded souls, spent many years bellying up to the bar at the Denver Press Club. One time Paul came for a visit. I had already drowned a few of my favorites - Jack and branch water - when he walked in. I almost swore off booze right then and there because I thought I was seeing double.

    Spitting images of each other, both absolutely hilarious and both talented artists. The only difference I could perceive: Jim was a dedicated conservative. I even won a bet against him that Nixon would be impeached - ordered an egg sandwich for Jim. But God, what laughs and what great conversations.

    Paul was unique in every way, very astute and a major talent. I'm really sorry to hear this. Brings back a lot of memories.

  2. Checked out his website, some damn good stuff. He totally nailed Nixon. Sorry to hear of his passing. They don't make his kind anymore.

  3. Beach: Most newspaper publishers don't want his kind anymore.