Monday, August 21, 2006

Get Rummy???

Is that the answer or the alibi?

On August 6th, I wrote that
The demand for Rumsfeld's head represents the last desperate bastion of scoundrels seeking to cover their complicit asses from the unmistakably deepest debacle in American foreign policy in history.
I also wrote that these are the voices who are whispering over Bush's shoulder the familiar old Vietnam era refrain,
'Send more troops.
Send more troops!
Yesterday, we heard both messages from Neo-Republican, Joe Lieberman on CBS' "Face the Nation." The Connecticut Senator called for more troops and then said,
Yeah. I think there's--three years ago in October on this show you asked me and I said that I believe that it was time for new leadership at the Pentagon. I think it's still time for new leadership at the Pentagon. With all respect to Don Rumsfeld, who has done a grueling job for six years, we would benefit from new leadership to work with our military in Iraq.
Of course, that's not the tune he was singing when he wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal on May 14, 2004, Let Us Have Faith: Why Rumsfeld must stay:
Many argue that we can only rectify the wrongs done in the Iraqi prisons if Donald Rumsfeld resigns. I disagree. Unless there is clear evidence connecting him to the wrongdoing, it is neither sensible nor fair to force the resignation of the secretary of defense, who clearly retains the confidence of the commander in chief, in the midst of a war. I have yet to see such evidence. Secretary Rumsfeld's removal would delight foreign and domestic opponents of America's presence in Iraq.
The cry for Rumsfeld's scalp is the screed of those leaders in both national parties who did not exercise the timely due diligence assigned to their high office by the Constitution; who went along with George Bush's jingoism, "Let's get Iraq while we're at it." Now that the un-provoked, unnecessary, largely unilateral invasion and unplanned occupation of Iraq (UULUIUOI) is going from bad to worse - and worse still - they understandably have buyers' remorse. But, instead of admitting their error on the war, our misled leaders obfuscate the issues with the alibis that the UULUIUOI's implementation or implementors were wrong.

This same thread of obfuscation is becoming prevalent in Israel. Amir Peretz is their neophyte defense minister whose performance has been pilloried as amateurish, overconfident and inconsistent.

The names are different but the artless evasion is the same: stay the course, only fire the Defense Secretary/Minister and (Psssst!) send more troops.


  1. Excellent writing. Wish I could say more but I'm at work.

  2. Speaking of the "desperate bastion of scoundrels seeking to cover their complicit asses", in 1994, When the Republicans took control of Congress, they trumpeted their so-call led "Contract with America", and promised to conduct the nations business with integrity and ethics. "If we fail to do that":, they proclaimed, "THROW US OUT OF OFFICE." Well, it's high time to take them, at their word and toss those bums out of office, for they have certainly put out a "Contract ON America" (especially it's working poor and middle classes with their corporate welfare and incessant tax breaks for the wealthy and for the largest corporation. They've done a number on the rest of us. Let's throw the bums out, just as they said we should if they broke their word with us.

    Bush couldn't do to America what he's been allowed to do without the help of a complicit and complacent Congress.

  3. Vigilante, Excellent and very well written.

    And, for a variety of reasons (many of which differ from yours) I find I agree completely with your commentary.

    Buyer's remorse indeed. Way TOOOOOO MANY of our Congress People read the polls and jump on the nearest bandwagon. The public backed Bush (about 90% at the height of his popularity) and the "loyal opposition" was just plain terrified to do anything but back the "Bush War."

    That's why I have such great respect for Russ Feingold and so little respect for John Kerry (who really embarrassed himself this past Sunday, IMO).

    the Wizard....

  4. Take Rumsfeld yesterday, on Meet The Press:

    Enough troops? Send More?

    Well, I think it's been well documented now that we didn't have enough there from the beginning, that we allowed the looting, that we did not have control, particularly, of areas, such -- in the Sunni Triangle, which led to us paying a very heavy price. We make mistakes in every war, and serious mistakes were made here.

    . . . . I think so. I think so. We took troops from places like Ramadi, which are still not under control, to put them into Baghdad. We've had to send in additional troops as they are. All along, we have not had enough troops on the ground to control the situation. Many, many people knew that and it's -- we're paying a very heavy price for it.

    . . . . It’s never been the right strategy as far as I’m concerned, since the beginning when I came back from my first trip to Iraq after every military person, including the British, told me that we didn’t have sufficient troops to control the situation.

    . . . . And from the beginning, we didn’t have enough in the invasion, the initial invasion itself.

    And Rumsfeld? Should he go or should he stay?

    . . . .it’s obvious that I have not shared the administration’s view. I’ve had strong differences with Secretary Rumsfeld on this issue and other aspects of the war.

    . . . . I think it’s got to do with the decisions that are made in the Pentagon.

    . . . . The president has the right to pick his team. I’ve been asked a number of times if I had confidence in Secretary Rumsfeld and the answer is no.

    And so, the question arises as to the whether the Lieberman Alibi differs from the McCain Apostasy?

  5. There is something depressing about America. Things tend to go in circles and every time this happens one ends up going nowhere.

    This nightmarish situation in Iraq, whether one conciders solution to be more troops, less troops or withdrawal, is almost inconsquencial to the outcome. How on the god's green earth can the unchallenged superpower be so incompetent and, yes, even weak?

    To me what American political and to some extent military leaders must learn one day is that you must know your enemy. Until such time, it doesn't matter whether the next bunch that sends you to war is Republican or Democrat.

  6. To Messenger: I see no daylight between Lieberman's Alibi and McCain's Apostasy.

    To Wizard: I see no daylight between your image of Kerry and mine. (I'm not even curious enough to ask for details.) Kerry and Clinton make better then average Senators, as Senators go. (Leave it at that.)

    Pekka, you're beginning to piss me off, painting all Americans with a broad brush as you are want to do. Am I going to have to learn something about Canadian politics to suppress these occasional missile firings of yours?

  7. Well, boohoo if I piss you off! The unfortunate fact, whether you can face it or not, is that your knowledge of the history or customs about other nations that share this world with you is next to nothing. However, if this problem would exist with the hoi-poloi only, I wouldn't be complaining. The problem is unfortunately shared, to variying degree, with your educated class and certainly with your politicos.

    If you would have had the knowledge that Vietnamese and Chinese mix as poorly as water and oil, maybe that bloody fiasco in the Indo China could have been avoided. 90% of you were gung ho to take on those bastards in Iraq. You declare the war on a country that an average American couldn't find on a map and the most of you still don't have any idea who those people are and what they want. I see no difference coming by growning somebody like Hillary as your next Empress.

    You think that you are pissed off with me. You don't even begin to understand how we outsiders feel about you. You are the biggest threath to world peace right now (sentiment shared by most) and the regime change might not do too much to change anything. "I am so frigging big that I can do what the hell ever I want", seems to be your motto. I AM FUCKING SICK WITH YOU ALL!!!

    Leave the good people of Canada out of this! I AM A FINN.

  8. Jomomentum has always been about himself. He just wants Rummy's job when he loses to Lamont.

  9. I guess you found me through beach bum's site...thanks for visiting my side of the country.

  10. Looks to me that Vigilante done been squelched by Pekka.

  11. Mr. Vigilante, I think you owe Mr. Pekka an apology.

  12. Miss Proxy, Mr. vigil is what could be termed a wanna be intellectual alpha dog for his ideas.
    A simpler way to say it would be control freak.
    He doesn`t tolerate big differences of opinion. It is an insult to his preconcieved notions.
    Funny that he thinks he is smart and right all the time.
    I will make a broad statement and say that this site is only a tool of the Democratic party. Only politics as usual.
    I will also say that there is not a difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party.
    Both are controled by corporate America. Big money.
    It is foolish to think that America has a Democracy.

  13. Thanks, Proxy! Skippy, I'm with you on this one.

  14. Can't everyone kiss-up & make nice?

  15. As I have read and re-read Pekka's contributions throughout our discussions on this site and others, I am reminded of how wise, generous and judicious his mind is, as well as how close it lies to my positions on the critical issues fo the day. For that reason, I hope he will forgive my recent outburst against him.