Thursday, August 24, 2006

These Guys Are In Trouble

Open Thread


  1. As you will probably recall, GW Bush has said he makes his decisions based on thoughts that come from his gut. And Dick Cheney likes to contrast the courage of Republicans with the defeatism of Democrats.

    Both predict that if we withdrew it would only encourage "the terrorists", so we continue to terrorize the Middle East. It has only recently occurred to them that diplomacy and listening to "the other" might be a good idea, but as a tactic rather than as an intellectual theory. It is really odd that they continue to emphasize that it is "the terrorists" who like to kill innocent people, especially children. We are far ahead of them on that score, especially when you consider the millions of lives (on both sides) which will never come to be because of our aggression.

    And how do they know that our withdrawal would never work? We've never tried it. That would involve confessing to one of the most egregious crimes against humanity in history, especially because of its total futility.

    As we used to say in the old days on the ranch, neither one of them has the balls to give it a try.

  2. Bill says

    "withdrawal...would involve confessing to one of the most egregious crimes against humanity in history, especially because of its total futility."

    This is the whole point, isn't it? Bush wants to drag it out to the end of his term (plague) so he can blame withdrawal on Democrats.

    He made the mess. He should be fucking made to clean it up.

  3. While they say we would not cut and run, Karl Rove sure as hell was going to have us at least partially pulled out of Iraq by the 2008 presidential election so the Republican candidate does not saddled with the war. In other words, allowing them to claim victory. It will be the darkest of humors if the situation in Iraq forces American troop levels to stay the same if not increase to support our puppets so the place does not completely meltdown.
    Tom Ricks, a reporter for the Washington Post and author of the book Fiasco was on NPR this morning saying it would take 10 to 15 YEARS to do what we want to accomplish in Iraq. Bush and Cheney may yet have to answer for their lies and blunders since Mr. Ricks pointed out that the 15 years time frame he spoke of was his optimistic forecast.

  4. And the Lady who made it all possible in 2000 says:

    "We have to have the faithful in government and over time, that lie we have been told, the separation of church and state, people have internalized, thinking that they needed to avoid politics and that is so wrong because God is the one who chooses our rulers."

    -Katheirne Harris.

    Interestng, I thought it was YOU, Katherine.

  5. Yes, just when Katherine Harris appears to subsided, she self-immolates again and one is in awe in watching a human volcano blow her opportunities to smiterleens.

    She always improves upon her previous self-destructive actions.

  6. Bush and Cheney are in trouble because their warring ways cannot be indefinitely fed by an all-voluntary military. Armed services are being stretched thin as the United States fights T.W.A.T.

    It has become necessary to call up members of the Marine Individual Ready Reserve. These are the guys who have already had one or two tours in Iraq and who have in many cases not trained for combat for several years. When Bush has to resort to this 'back door draft to meet upcoming staffing needs in Iraq, you know we are entering the 'final stages'.

    If these staffing shortages are allowed to continue, the long-term security of our nation will be seriously affected to our detriment.

    And the draft is not an option.

  7. And the Brits?

    Is redeployment another way to spell 'retreat'?

    Over 1,000 British troops pull out of southern Iraq

    More than 1,000 troops have left Camp Abu Naji to concentrate on border patrols and help the Iraqis tackle smuggling, especially of weapons from Iran.

    The camp - including £292,000 worth of facilities such as catering, accommodation and watchtowers - will be occupied by the local forces.

    They took 17 mortar rounds on their last day.

  8. Malfrat, Our troops have now been mired in the Iraq mess for more years than it took to win World War II. A great number of them are Reservists and National Guardsmen. Too many of them are having to serve repeat tours (sometimes three) and are now severely overstressed. The effects are showing in our recent news: increased suicides, desertions, even alleged rape and murder of innocent civilians. Despite this, our president has proclaimed we will stay in Iraq as long as he holds office. In this fall season of polls, who will organize one to predict the date of the coming draft? My bet will be for the opening day of the next Congress — if it's still controlled by the Republicans.

  9. Katherine Harris continues to make news here in Florida M.D. She just recently pissed off the Jewish community by making the statement that government should be made up completely of Christians and the separation of church and state was a big mistake. As it turns out her entire campaign for senator is a mistake. She loses staff daily (it turns out she is a real bitch), has no support, even from her own party and is widely considered a joke.

    That was a good picture of Dubyah and his boss BIGGUS DICKUS!

  10. Al Franken is fond of saying that Katherine Harris is a gift from heaven that keeps on giving!

  11. Al Franken identifies himself as a Jew ,as Harris identifies herself as a Christian. Both these religions are based on narrow minded bigotry.
    The very essence of the word bigotry, is mixed with the word religion.
    They are fellow travelers, that go hand in hand.
    The Jews and the Christians are only liars. Their beliefs are constructed to uphold the status quo of the power possessors. That goes for all the religious people. They are expert at dissembling.
    In case you did not realize it you live in a space age concentration camp. You are wage slaves.
    Many people writing here are victims of the different, very cruel , and humiliating belief systems.
    Their minds have been so manipulated that they think we are living in something other than a cruel hoax of a society.
    Not only Bush and Cheney are in trouble. We all are.

  12. Skip, how do you like my free verse?

    There is a world of difference
    between Al Franken
    and Katherine Harris

    Al tells jokes
    Harris is a joke
    And so R U!

  13. Maybe, but they are both religious flunkies, victims of belief. I would not give you two cents for either of them, and their opinions are worth less than two cents. Both are nuts as far as I am concerned. Neither is particularly intelligent either. Both are religious babblers. Why.? They believe in their Mr.god. Nasty god it is too.