Friday, October 19, 2007

GOP Friday Has Been Cancelled (Again)

My weekly search for a redeemable Republican has come up empty.

I was going to say something snarky, but all rancor has been sucked out of me by events in Karachi and Johannesburg.

In spite of all that has happened in the beginning of this miserable century, I am rocked back on my heels that I can still be shocked and appalled. Needless, pointless death and destruction occurs everyday. It's just that some days it all becomes barely bearable. 133 in Benazir Bhutto's reception in Karachi are killed? Scores, I am sure, terribly injured. Lucky Dube shot dead in Johannesburg? In a car-jacking? What is the point? The world is dead to me today.I'll just turn up my speakers. . .


  1. Times like these call for a pitcher of margaritas. Dragonwife is up in Washington DC until tomorrow morning and after I get the kids in bed I'm making a huge pitcher of the stuff and getting blitzed. Not very happy with the state of the world or country and frankly I'm in a screw them all mood.

  2. It's probably too late to cancel this century and start it over. Is it too late to change your order to a pitcher of Mai-Tai's?

  3. This post reminds me of Barack Obama's interview with Tavis Smiley last night. At one point Tavis brought up the issue of the Senator's personal safety. Tavis pointed out how many Secret Service were posted in and around his television studio. They played a clip from Martin Luther King, talking about his midnight fears for his family. Senator Obama commented on how much awe he had for Dr. King's courage: Dr. King never enjoyed one moment of secret service protection despite being a political figure of national prominence. It was a memorable moment.

  4. Welcome to The Vigil, Fred. Your arrival has been expected. Our patience is rewarded.

  5. I do not have a favorite Republican. But my favorite Republican quote from the week was during Rudy Giuliani's speech Wednesday afternoon at Drake University:

    If we are not careful and you don't elect me, this country will be to the left of France.

    I know GOP judgment is not reliable. But if it were, Rudy's statement would sure make it easier for me, ultimately, to vote for Hillary.

  6. Food-Blogger, RE: Cancelling & Re-Starting the 21st Century:

    The Opposite of the Neocons' PNAC is the Project for the Old American Century.

    From the mission statement of this new (to me) site:

    It is a time to call for the way things were planned by the Founding Fathers. They way things were planned in the Old American Century.

    The project for the OLD American Century represents no one political party, as they have all sold out to the highest bidder; but stands for the Bill of Rights; the Constitution; the working class, as well as all those the new religion of free market capitalism leaves behind; and the people serving in our armed forces if and when it is serving the people of this nation and not just the corporate interests it now paves the way for.

    We believe the only imperial stance this great nation should take is that of peacefully encouraging freedom, equality, and civil liberty here at home and around the globe. Not just in words, but in deeds. The ideals of the OLD American Century knowing that those ideals were not then nor have they ever been achieved—but were at least, before now, strived for and what we at the Project for the Old American Century strive for now.

  7. I was in Johannesburg a number of years ago and on the way to the hotel the van driver regaled us with stories of how dangerous it is there for the taxis and shuttle vans - they are car-jacked all the time.

    Killings are frequent.

    Sounds like it hasn't gotten any better.


  8. M.D., Your comment reminds me of the good ol' days when Pekka would come in here and rattle Vigil's cage about how we privileged Americans were not to have had death and destruction reigned down on the continental United States since the Civil War (which was self-inflicted). Until 9-11, the only death and destruction Americans saw on their TV was in far-away lands. That is why we are so cavalier about our military interventions and proxy wars. We know what it's like to suffer our own KIA's. But we never count or account for death and destruction, chaos and catastrophe in the various sand piles where we play soldier.

    If Pekka were here, he'd say that, And Vigil would jump all over him. Like I said, the good ol' days.

  9. Messenger, you've completely lost me.

  10. I'm lost too, Messenger. Pekka who? You mean that Canadian drunk who said he was really a Finn? That guy?

  11. Note to myself: anti-Bush GOP are now being called White Flag Republicans by the 'base'.