Friday, October 19, 2007

Pete Stark - A Member of the Democratic Wing

...of the Democraptic Party has stood up and said - FINALLY - what had to be said.

Faux News is angry that Rep. Pete Stark interrupted a Thursday debate on the floor of the House of Representatives and launched 'a shocking one-man assault on the Bush administration'. In fact, all Congressman Stark did was to tell the truth, and in so doing,
give Bush the lie.
At long last the Harry Truman wing is waking up.

At rallies in the '48 campaign, people would yell, "Give'em Hell, Harry!" Truman would yell back, "All I do is to tell the truth, and they think it's hell."

The truth has escaped out of the 'truth paste tube' onto the Floor of the House of Representatives:
It's the Stark Truth.


  1. Funny turn of moral events, isn't it? You speak a truth and you're called a liar and anti-american. You tell a lie, kill almost a million people and you are called a hero.

    Personally, I think shrub is competing with the ghost of hitler...

  2. Ziem, what's remarkable about "Stark's Truth", is the implication that Bush's lies in the area of foreign policy, are to be expected in domestic politics. Entirely warranted.

  3. The Emperor has not a stitch of clothing on his bony ass.

  4. Nancy Pelosi Rebuked Stark:

    While members of Congress are passionate about their views, what Congressman Stark said during the debate was inappropriate and distracted from the seriousness of the subject at hand _ providing health care for America's children

  5. Pay credit where credit is due. Tell Pete how you really feel.

  6. Actually, in order to get to Nancy Pelosi, you have to go here, unless you are a constituent.

    Sorry for the multiple comments.

  7. Used all three addresses. Especially enjoyed telling Nancy to lead, follow, or get (T.F.) out of the way.

  8. If Madam Pelosi thinks insurance for children is so important then why was she in my district yesterday raising campaign money for Tim Ryan?

    I heard they had a wonderful day. I wouldn't know though, mere constituants weren't invited.

    I'd be willing to bet her route to the "Youngstown Business Incubator" ( title says it all ), didn't go past any of our once full, now empty factory parking lots.

    She finished her visit at the Avalon Country Club, nothing but the best for our politicians.

    Give me Pete Stark any day.

  9. Well said, C.W.

    I have run into some comments in making my rounds to Reich-Wing blogs, that Stark was out of line saying Bush was blowing the heads off our troops for his amusement. Well, nit-picking can only take you so far. Let's just say Bush was joking about not finding any WMD's while our troops were getting their heads blown off.

  10. I've gone from loathing to detestation with Pelosi.

    Backstabbing a member of your own party and a member from your own state is truly reprehensible.

    She stinks as House leader.

    Get rid of her.

  11. Why did it take so long, and why did he have to do it alone? It's terrifying tha our enitre government has abandoned us. The supreme court decisions don't reflect the will of the people, the congress isn't doing what we want, and the President is out of his mind. Even worse, no one but Stark is sayign anything.

  12. About time, Vigil someone took to the floor and spelled things out for Bush (and his cronies).

  13. The truth has escaped out of the 'truth paste tube' onto the Floor of the House of Representatives: BUSH IS A LIAR. It's the Stark Truth.

    I'm sure they will ignore it like all the other unpleasant issues laying about the halls of government. Its the truth but its ugly and no one likes ugly.

  14. What if Pete Stark is right and George W. Bush is just a mean joker? Take Paul Slanky's Quiz and discover 8 reasons Stark shouldn't be the one apologizing.

  15. No. No. No. No such luck! Nancy Piglosi fucking beat down on Pete so much that eventually his knees fucking buckled and he fucking caved in and fucking apologized. Shit.

  16. I don't want to believe it. But I just saw it with my own eyes on Olberman's show. Pete Stark has buckled under the hammer of Nancy "The Pig" Pelosi. I am disgusted. Never have I ever seen such a sniveling display of infantile ineptitude. We are lost. I have to go now, and puke my brains out. Excuse me.

  17. I am done giving money to the Democratic party in the House and Senate. Done.

    I am going to spend it buying more boats and video games.