Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Take a Poll?

When you're too tired to engage in critical reading, writing, or thinking why not take one more dumb poll?
Okay, Okay! I didn't get who I thought I wanted (entirely). . . but what you expect outta something taking 150 seconds outta your day? Others might be more successful at this ABC News Poll.

Potentially embarrassing exit interviews can be posted below.


  1. Skip Sievert, I triple-dare you to take this poll and post your results.

  2. Dennis Kuchin-ick was my poll result.

    The only answer I liked in this poll is 'scrap the present system and start over'.
    I don`t like Dennis K. by the way.
    Too many teeth.
    Not enough chops.

    Voting only encourages them.

  3. I don't even know where the poll is...(Laughing)

  4. A big surprise for me, too.

    1. Dennis K.
    2. Mike G.
    3. Chris D.

    I conclude, assuming ABC's pollster has done his research, that I have not been paying much attention to the panderings of the various candidates, and more attention to appraising them as potential leaders.

  5. I got Kucinich, too. Number 2 was Gravel. Number 3 (embarassingly) was Ron Paul.

  6. What fun!

    1. Kucinich
    2. Gravel
    3. Obama

    I'll take that!

    Must. Post. On. Swiftspeech.

  7. I hit:
    Dennis K.
    Mike G.
    and the somehow I hit Huckabee for the third choice. If I had to hit a republican I would have liked to hit Ron Paul.

  8. Messenger... love your new icon. Perfect. And Skip posted his results. All is well on The Vigil.