Thursday, September 18, 2008

GOP (Neo)Con Artists Return to the Original Scene of Their Crime!

If you haven’t heard, they’re back (But not necessarily by popular demand)!

Actually the Palin-McCain phenomenon, brought together only a couple of weeks ago, is already traveling back to the scene of the crime (Minnesota) this Friday, September 19th. And while it’s true that some of us have barely recovered from all of our patriotic marching, rallies, artistic displays and music concerts during that week of the RNC, what I wrote in my letter to the Pioneer Press back then, remains more true than ever, that “Patriots Can’t Stay Home!”.

We don’t have the time to organize any hotdogs or cake this time but we are hoping several of you “WE THE PEOPLE” populist-leaning, Constitution-supporting, grassroots democracy believers will plan to come up to Blaine on Friday morning and help us line the sides of the bike and walking path at the entrance to Key Air’s new hangar at the Anoka County-Blaine Airport, 10188 Radisson Road, with your “End the War” banners and other messages. It appears there is parking in the Blaine soccer field lots that are only a short distance to the airport’s Radisson Road entrance where those with tickets will be allowed in to attend the Palin-McCain appearance. Altho’ the Palin Performance will apparently not begin until noon, seating starts at 9:00 am so that’s when we’ll try and get ourselves the first free, front row seats on the bike path.

If you haven’t seen what true participatory democracy is about in a while, check out the unprecedented numbers and great messages a group of regular coffee-drinking Alaskan women turned out in Anchorage a few days ago: Now this is real dssemocracy! Issue-based real democracy that is the right, duty and privilege of all us average Americans. Not the scripted, tightly controlled, and highly guarded show that many of us witnessed with the RNC in St. Paul.

So come one, come all, with lipstick or not, to 10188 Radisson Road in Blaine at 9 a.m. this Friday, September 19th. Let’s show the Alaskans that we can do democracy here too!


  1. Coleen! Go get'em, Girl! See if you can out-do the folks in Michigan who chanted "Obama" in McCain's face yesterday!

  2. Great post, Colleen. I found this in my e-mail box this morning.

    A lot has been made over the last couple of weeks about gender and politics. I'm here to tell you that standing up for women's issues is not about sending just any woman to Washington -- no matter what the right-wing is trying to sell America.

    No, it's about electing candidates who are fighting for issues that truly matter to women. It's about protecting a woman's right to choose. It's about education. It's about health care. And it's about protecting our families both at home and abroad.

    ~~Wes Clark

    Clark and the Minnesota women get it: it's about Issues. I wish I could join you in Alaska.

  3. Palin, herself, agrees with you, Agent Rowley, calling it the Palin-McCain administration!

  4. Good luck to you today, Coleen, and to all of your dedicated Minnesotans! Get in those GOP faces as best you can!

  5. When I was working on my doctorate I wrote a paper about former FBI Agent Coleen Rowley and the great courage she displayed as a whistle blower. Once again she proves she is a lady of great courage and conviction. Kick some ass Coleen!!

  6. You gotta love these photos from Alaska!!! Their signs are very creative. My favorite is ALASKA DISASTA