Saturday, September 20, 2008

If McCain is the Head on the G.O.P.'s Nail,

And the economy is the hammer,

What is Obama waiting for?

All he has to do is to approve this message.

Because John McCain has been a balls-out deregulator for years. “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” 15-Oct-1999:
I would argue that I have 17 years of legislative experience with a clear voting record of a strong conservative. I believe in smaller government, stronger defense, lower taxes, less regulation, encouragement of entrepreneurship, encouragement of legal immigration. I think that my fundamental philosophies and beliefs are very clear, and I’ve articulated them for years and years. And most importantly, I voted on them.
PBS, “NewHour with Jim Lehrer,” 2-Feb-2000:
If you inspect my 17-year voting record, it’s a proud conservative Republican who acts on principles and one who obviously has a very strong commitment to the leadership role the United States has to play… I think that’s probably one of our first efforts - keep the regulation of the government as much as possible out of people’s lives.
CNN, “Wolf Blitzer Reports,” 8-May-02:
I continue to believe in a strong national defense, free trade, deregulation. I’m pro-life. There are many, many issues that I feel would make it very difficult for Democrats to embrace me.
The St. Petersburg Times quoted McCain at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on (5-June-03) as having said,
I have a long voting record in support of deregulation.
While speaking about the cable and satellite television during an appearance on CNN’s “On the Money,”(13-July 2003) John McCain said,
I am a deregulator. I believe in deregulation.
When asked how the Republican Party can recover after the losses in the 2006 election on “CNN Newsroom,” (8-Nov-06), John McCain said,
By returning to the basic core principles of the Republican Party, very careful stewardship of tax dollars, less government is best government, less regulation, lower taxes, strong national defense, community and family values.
Just drop the hammer on him, Barry!


  1. I've always believed BEER was the fundamental of my economy.

    And McCain's been so informed by wifey. He's probably talking about the fact that beer sales in the greater Phoenix area remain very strong, and are expected to go up, up, up as imported products become more and more expensive, and water gets scarcer and scarcer.

  2. How about this ad?

    "John McCain supported putting your Social Security funds into the hands of the people who ran Bear Stearns and Lehman brothers. If that had happened, do you know what you'd have right now? Nothing. Meanwhile, the CEO's are walking away from the mess they created with huge bonuses.

    John McCain, dangerous to Social Security, dangerous to your security."

  3. Quote of the day, from This Week with George Stephanopoulos from George Will:

    "I suppose the McCain campaign's hope is that when there's a big crisis, people will go for age and experience. The question is, who in this crisis looked more presidential, calm and un-flustered? It wasn't John McCain who, as usual, substituting vehemence for coherence, said 'let's fire somebody.' And picked one of the most experienced and conservative people in the administration, Chris Cox, and for no apparent reason... It was un-presidential behavior by a presidential candidate."

    From George Will?

  4. "You've heard of mental depression; this is a mental recession. We may have a recession; we haven't had one yet.

    We have sort of become a nation of whiners. You just hear this constant whining, complaining about a loss of competitiveness, America in decline."

    Just yesterday, McCain himself said he "would imagine that we are" in a recession. But he and Gramm are still on the same page: in April McCain said "a lot of our problems today are psychological."

    All I have to say is I am profoundly DEPRESSED about the LEGACY of the Bush years.

    So, it is psychological, you MFSOB's.

  5. Ite, of course it is psychological. All you need to do is look at the increased anti-depressant sales.

    Let me add that I am depressed about the legacy of the Bushit's (both), Ray-Gun's, and Nixonian years as well as the the Republican Congresses that have ruined America. Ray-Gun also destroyed the environment and almost ruined the University of California when he was CA governor.

    Boris, you're absolutely right about water. Vig, do you remember Pekka talking about this a couple of years ago?

    Do you remember Pekka commenting "Life without fossil fuels can be a pain in the ass, but life without water is a death sentence?"

    He noted in 2006 that the real battle in the 21st Century would concern water. Sadly prescient....

  6. OK Vig I don't think you are keeping up. Obama has been very tough on McBush, not only all last week, but he is continuing his justified criticism this week. He has some very effective ads up, and I include the latest on my blog. His speeches have been hitting the "nail" right on the head.

  7. Just a thought about McBlame: has anyone noticed he's repeating himself over and over just like Bushit? Think Bushit's Brain is schooling the next prevaricator?

  8. Strangely I find that during the last week the best campaigner for Obama has been McCain who was so bad I even heard a right winger at work say "the man just ain't on the same planet." While hearing that made my day now I hear some white Democrats are now admiting that they have a problem voting for a black man.

    Could this election be lost over latent racism from people who are supposely above such a base behavior?

  9. Quote of the day: Paul Krugman says

    The Bush administration can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

  10. From the pages of Swiftspeech, here are some excellent items:

    From Roosevelt to Rand, with disastrous consequences
    Questions for Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.