Friday, January 2, 2009

Barack Obama and Muntadar Al-Zaidi ???

Are you kidding?
From the very beginning last February. I never had any delusions about the conformity of Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency and my own impeach-Busheney and end-the-occupation-now positions. Obama is a liberal, pragmatic, reality-based, world political leader. That, in itself, is an epochal improvement. He rightly opposed the invasion of Iraq as a "stupid war", but he will redeploy from Iraq "responsibly" and not fast enough to my satisfaction.

But I can still be amused by sharing the fantasies of others.

Faithful readers will remember that I celebrated Muntadar Al-Zaidi for offering his shoes to our Emperor without clothes. I thought this brave, eloquent and unique act qualified Al-Zaidi, at the very least, to be the 1st runner-up for Times Magazine's Man-of-the-Year.

Ben Heine takes this to a higher level: Obama awarding Al-Zaidi the US Medal of Freedom!

Please follow the link and read Mary Sparrowdancer's deed of gift, which I commend and endorse.

As for me, back to the reality of going to work because I will be paying for this useless and endless occupation of Iraq for the rest of my life.


  1. I wish I could do the photoshopping thingy. This one is priceless. And I did read your Man of the Year post and loved it.

  2. Obama is a liberal, pragmatic... Absolutely, and this is precisely what our country needs to heal. I want out of Iraq, and we are already turning over the Green Zone to Iraqi control. What Obama will do in Afghanistan is beyond me.

    Happy New Year, Vig: 18 days until we boot the Bushies.

    BTW, who is this Cosmic Cowboy character?


  3. ...but he will redeploy from Iraq "responsibly" and not fast enough to my satisfaction.

    Pragmatic is the key word here. I would also like to pack everything up and leave Iraq yesterday but like stumbling into a patch of thorny vines just tearing off and running for the nearest clearing could do far more harm in the end.

  4. Pragmatism standing on its own is your best bet as Beach Bum states. But that may entail also employing conservative, liberal and other ideas in some cases; that's what pragmatism dictates.

  5. You're a bold person, aren't u?

  6. I like Obama's pragmatism, too. That's why I'm hopeful that he'll at least reconsider his "surge" strategy in Afghanistan (do those people want to be occupied any more that the Iraqi's?) and realize that overt military action into Pakistan (an unstable Muslim country with nuclear weaponry) could in fact be detrimental to the region. Fly-swatters and roach-killers, not sledge-hammers.

  7. Quote of the day. (Actually, it's the quote of yesteryear; it just surfaced today.)

    Wayne Slater, a political reporter for The Dallas Morning News and one of Bush's earliest biographers recalls that the weekend before George W. Bush defeated Texas Gov. Ann Richards in 1994, he stood in the backyard of his Dallas home hitting tennis balls into the swimming pool for his dog to fetch and ruminated about the future with his media strategist, Don Sipple. At one point, Bush talked about his father, and he said,

    "Sip, my man, don't underestimate what you can learn from a failed presidency!"