Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Muntadar Al-Zaidi

I will not forget this hombre.

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Artiste Ben Heine says,
This illustration may be reproduced anywhere. Feel free to reproduce this image in newspapers, in posters, magazines, blogs, websites...
High resolution version (3642 x 3311 pixels, 350dpi) of this image for printing purposes available HERE. Just check your toner, first!

As Fearguth says on Bildungblog, thanks to Al-Zaidi,


  1. Saw Bush's final news conference today and after listening and seeing his face I know now I have been to the Twilight Zone. It was as bizarre as reality will allow. Listening to Olbermann right now analyzing Bush's remarks and as the guest stated Bush's self awareness is not at all fully seated.

  2. I knew Al Zaidi was bound to be an international star! There's one brave fellow alright.

    Taking on the world's most powerful leader was no lil feat.

  3. LMAOROTFWTSOME!!! (Laughing my ass off, rolling on the floor, with tears streaming out of my eyes...)

    This post is a masterpiece, Vig: al-Zaidi is my hero. I will take the shoe image to heart whenever I think of this Administration. What timing.

    Ben Heine's collection of work is amazing and prolific.

    Seven days...

  4. Juan Williams, the Fox/NPR opinion hack, expressed outrage at the effrontery of the Iraqi journalist on Bill O'Reilly's show saying,

    I just think it’s absolutely the act of an ingrate for them to behave in this way. It was disrespectful of the President. We're a democracy.

    I say, if the shoe fits, perhaps we ought to wear it.