Saturday, January 10, 2009

Transitions and Course Adjustments

I didn't get for Christmas what I wanted.

A Turbo-Charged Mouse was all that I thought I needed.

I thought I needed something like a turbo-charged mouse or high-octane browser to keep up with the unremitting pace of thinking, writing and posting on my favorite sites such as
and many, many others. But I have come to see that it's my political passion that is out-paced by the blazingly hot postings found on these other sites.

At this point in time, ten days before Americans will at last have a sentient occupant in the White House, I feel the political steam which ignited this site to be an the wane.

I had been blogging the last years of the Clinton years, especially pertaining to the Wars of Yugoslavian dissolution in Bosnia, and Kusova. But that lapsed. When my fellow Americans elected George Bush over Al Gore, I was too embarrassed for words. But when Bush misplayed his winning hand against Osama bin Laden I was too enraged to be silent. During the debacle of the Kerry candidacy, these pages presented an agenda with a straightforward time table.
It's a simple program:
  • Congressional majorities by November '06.
  • Oversight by January '07.
  • Impeachment (double!) by January '08.
  • Troops home by January '09.
Quite simple. Try to keep on schedule. If you fall behind, you'll never get it done.
But of course, if millions of Americans couldn't discern the difference between Bush on one hand and Gore or Kerry on the other hand, impeachment wasn't going to happen. My time line was reduced to the relevance of any other impossible ideal.

However, now it's settled that the Neoconservative apostasy in American history is at long last interrupted (at least) by the defeat of John McCain.

Going forward, I feel that a purely political blog is unnecessarily confining, for me at least. Rather than starting another or other sites to compartmentalize my other interests or impulses, I'm thinking I'll just release my self-imposed restraints on this site - just to see what happens.

My highly-esteemed, loyal and intelligent readers won't mind. I hope. They will continue on much as they always have: coming and going, commenting, silently lurking, or just ignoring. That suits me. What matters is that I'm still here. For a little longer...


  1. ...I'm still here. For a little longer...

    Ah shit Vigil, please don't go start talking that stuff about fading away. A far as politics is concerned I'm sure Sara Palin will be around until 2012 for a whole Titanic-sized boatload of all sorts of goodies that will either drive Tina Fey crazy are make her very rich playing the foil to the Alaskan Kim Jong Il. And don't get me started on Sleazy Romney, Laughing preacherboy Huckabee, Delusional Hannity, Hypocrite Limbaugh, Just nuts O'Reilly, and the fascists harlots Courter and Malkin. Shit, things are more dangerous now for Obama since he is on top and they all will be politically gunning for him even more.

    As far as writing something else I would love to read anything about California. Now if you do something to help me with my writers block I'd pay money for that.

  2. Don't lose hope, my friend: there will still be tons of neocons driving us nuts. Besides, who's going to be with me when Jerry Brown (hopefully) runs for Governor again in 2010? As Californians, there's still Ken Starr to fight so we can defeat Prop 8 and become the great Progressives Republican again.

    Truthfully, I was wondering what we'd do when we didn't have Busheney to kick around (openly) anymore. But, they and their ilk will still lurk in the shadows. Someone's gotta shine the light on them.

    But politics are politics. Things will always go wrong: that's just pragmatism. Beach is right. He inspired me to take a break, too. I'd join you in writing about California and how we hope to secede from the U.S.

    Oh, hell, Vig, just do what you wanna do. But please don't go anywhere. We'll find something to rail against soon.

  3. NO! NO! NO! Not "Progressive Republican," but "Progressive Republic." Oh, dear...

  4. Vigilante: You may be needed even more. Look at how Republicans are trying to keep Obama from getting us out of this bad economy!

    Forward we go!

  5. Like the others have said, vigilance is needed especially when times are not that tough. Posts on whatever subjects you may choose would help us know that the complacency that led to the horror the planet faces today is kept in mind by all its thinking creatures.

  6. I second Stella's suggestion: "But please don't go anywhere. We'll find something to rail against soon."

    I am still hopefull that you would meet your timeline. May not be the impeachment that you hope for but through other means -- I'm confident there's a bunch of people already looking at how to pin down Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld for war crimes.

    Hang in there!

  7. Hey vigil! Welcome to my world. I have to agree with you in regard to that formerly lost passion.

    For me the election was anti-climactic. I felt I had nowhere to go without the likes of McCain, Palin et al. Well I realized they aren't gone they are just waiting for their next opportunity to strike and spread their venom through the left side of the political body.

    As a result I have diversified my research so as to publish stuff that I find engaging, entertaining, infuriating or just plain interesting. I no longer find the need to write my own stuff all of the time. There is a lot of great news out there, both good and bad. When the mood strikes me I will write an editorial or a commentary, like today, but most of the time I prefer to go hunting for prey that is already been flushed from the bush.

    In the meantime perhaps you should consider video games. Check out my article on just that little tidbit. Also don't forget you can always spread your wings at my place. You are, after all, a contributor!!

  8. By the way, Vig, friends, have just come across this extraordinary piece which might interest you:

    Michel Chossudovsky's War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields.
    The military invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli Forces bears a direct relation to the control and ownership of strategic offshore gas reserves.

  9. I prefer to go hunting for prey that is already been flushed from the bush.

    Pun intended, Bro?