Monday, August 10, 2009

On Corporate Sponsorship of Astro-Turf Healthcare Protests

Today, Michelle Malkin is casting herself as whining,
We’ve endured a week’s worth of Democrat demagoguery about how opponents of Obamacare are nothing but corporate shills for evil health care corporations...
She should prepare herself to endure more of the truth...
...because health insurance corporation spokesmen, in taking due pains to show up at town meetings with their "home-made" signs,

are neglecting to shuck their uniforms.


  1. I have spotted a couple of insurance plants. There was the Blue Cross/Blue Shield guy, and then I saw a State Farm nutter waving a sign that misspelled "medicare." How typical of these Right and Uptight sheep. What would they do without their leaders such as Beck, Blubberbaugh, and the always fair and balanced Fox News?

  2. Ah, Michelle Malkin. A female Ann Coulter.

    She could look at it this way: Some of these people aren't corporate shills or dupes. Some of them just want to deny health care to the poor. Some of them are just so mean-spirited or so blinded by free-market ideology that they'd rather people die for lack of health care than see the government step in to provide relief.

    Some of them, in short, are stupid, ignorant, uncaring bastards. Like her.

  3. Color me STUMPED by STIMPSON:

    If Michelle Malkin is a female Ann Coulter, what does that make Ann Coulter?

  4. Actually after reading Malkin for a while I figure she was a huge zit Ann popped and after all the blood was cleaned up there she was.

  5. My favorite Wingnut of the week is Kenneth Gladney the poor, poor, poor, did I mention poor, man who was "Viciously," "Savagely," "Inhumanely," Beaten by a gang of Reverse Racist, Commie Lovin', American Hatin', Gay Agenda Havin', Socialmalistic Animals.

    It seems Mr. Gladney hath no health insurance.

    I didn't know Michelle Malkin was an actual human being.

    I thought "Michelle Malkin" was a nickname for Venereal Warts.


  6. Goodf ol' Michelle Malkin---just another average, stupid, ignorant, mindless, mouthy conservative Republican living in denial of all fact and evidence. She sure seems to get by on shallow slogans and cliches---I wonder if she eats and drinks them too?

  7. Brothers who dis Malkin forget that she is the gold standard. She sets the goal for politicos like Palin. Am I right? Or am I right?

  8. I'm laughing so f'n hard at "a female Ann Coulter" I've forgotten my comment.... I'll be needin' that thar counseling thingy...soon?

  9. I'm speculating on what Gwen was about to say further, and why she bit her lip!

  10. Malkin, the female Ann Coulter, LMAO—Stimpson, your comment is priceless and dead on. Vig, again your post generated an excellent thread.

  11. Vigilante, I just wanted to leave a short note to let you know I stopped by and am reading all your entries with great interest.

    As you know (since you've added several comments to my recent blog entries), I strongly disagree with the newly minted Democrat mantra that these protestors are just corporate shills. First, it's simply not true and second, much more importantly, it put's Democrats on exactly the wrong side of the grassroots American people.

    Instead of insulting people and calling names, why not engage in the discussions.

    And don't use the old excuse that the Republican's do the same things. Why should we ever lower ourselves to that level as a justification for anything?

  12. Instead of insulting people and calling names, why not engage in the discussions? Wizard, I agree with your comment, but also believe that fanatics are incapable of rational discourse. If I could reason with them, I would.

    This situation isn't a conservative or progressive issue, but fanaticism. “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into”

  13. Grass roots? Not shills?

    Wizard, they are useful idiots for the corporate profiteers. Tea baggers and town hall protesters are just pissed that they have to wait in long lines to get their free pre-frontal lobotomies.

  14. Wizard, it is my hope that you take the Moral Matrix test in my column this morning, and post your results. I would read them with interest.