Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Torture Game

Anyone can play!
The Star-Spangled Banner has already been sung.
You have the rest of the weekend, right?


  1. Wow. This would take all weekend to play. I wonder who thinks up these things?

    It was actually fun, what I played of it, and I know that is not the point. My issue with prosecutions of this nature have always been the same: Go for the big guys. It was, after all, their paradigm. The investigation and prosecution of the practitioners doesn't punish the king makers.

  2. Where the Hell is Sean Hannity's card? That chickenhawk needs to be on the team, especially after running away with his tail tucked so tightly between his legs after backing out of his offer to be waterboarded for charity.

  3. That's funny, Beach Bum. I was just thinking, "where's O'Reilly?" I mean, seriously, this guy sounds like he actually WANTS to water-board somebody.