Friday, August 14, 2009

Tea-Baggers and Town-Hallers In My 'Hood!

Actually, Tea-Drinkers and Town-Howlers!

While I've been preoccupied
and off the streets,
my friends and neighbors
have taken to the streets.

Stuff has happened. I've been preoccupied with a family emergency. My 1995 Infinity J-30 suddenly proved not to live up its name. 14 years and 99,000 is not my idea of infinity. I'm trying to convene a death panel, but Trophy Wife wants to keep Jay around on life-support for another six months. Ballou, my Trophy Doberwoman has trashed the the back seats, rendering Jay unsaleable.
But this week, Jay has been diagnosed as being undependable. For me, Jay has been a beautiful British racing green companion - up until yesterday. But today, she is a clunker waiting to clunk. Cash for Clunkers, is what I say: you get zippo for a clunk.

But things meanwhile, things are happening!

I recognize the people in these shots, and they're beautiful!

I'm told the local crowd in favor of single-payer healthcare outnumbered the shills for for-profits, 8-1!


  1. Teabaggers in your neighbourhood? Gee, California must have very, very liberal public decency laws. I can't even let my scrotum out for air in public.

  2. Your car is named Jay?

    My computer's name is Dammit.

  3. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed with the counter response to the right wingnut propaganda. The real grassroots movement that put Obama in office seems to have evaporated.

  4. Ah, yes, Beach. The Democrats' curse. We finally get a majority and then lose it through the inability to understand how to maintain our position yet again. The problem is complacency— historically, the grassroots movement always seems to fade. Sadly, we've done this to ourselves.

    More and more I wonder how progressives could harness personal responsibility to effect change

  5. This country needs fair-minded, common sense neighborhoods like yours all over this country! The profiteering and exclusion in health care must come to a screeching halt!
    Stella and Beach, I, too, am disappointed with the weak response the Dems have made to the GOP's lies and showboating. I think the Dems need to harp on how the current system is ripping us off, as I have done with my latest two posts!

  6. LOL Stimpson!!

    I agree that the Dems appear to be complacent, then agreement often equals complacency coupled with a sense of confidence, warranted or not, that the bill will ultimately pass. I don't think they should take on the Righties at the town halls. That will just lead to violence and that does no one any good.

  7. Cash for clunkers is just another immoral liberal program. Automotive Euthanasia, if you ask me.