Friday, October 2, 2009

Doberwoman and Doberman

Ballou and Zeus Meet up a 2nd time. That's Ballou on the left, a blue Doberwoman with 'natural'ears; Zeus is the standard black and tan, with his ears cropped on the right.

As near as we can tell, these two refugees from the same Dobie Rescue facility, are pratically the same age. They play strenuously with each other whenever they meet at the Preserve. Their masters need only worry about their knees being 'capped' (swept out from under them). Thankfully, we can occasionally relax our vigilance because these two athletic friends take frequent time-outs.

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  1. we once had a doberman her name was gypsy. she had been terribly abused by her previous owners. it took us a while, but once she trusted us. she was the best dog ever.