Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sick for Profit

Time for a commercial break!

Maybe a couple of commercials, actually....

For Your Donating pleasure: Sick4Profit.


  1. Without a good public option U.S. citizens will have virtually nothing worthwhile in health-care "reform." It really wouldn't be reform in any meaninful sense.

  2. The Baucus plan sounds eerily like the Massachusetts model. And correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't that one pretty much busting the budget up there?

  3. BARF = Baucus Anti Real Fix bill.

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  5. Sorry Vigil but I might run long.
    When all things are considered the greatest thing we could do to fix health care in this country is just simply give up the freaking fast food, sodas, assorted junk food, and go out and exercise.

    So I can't help but get nauseous at the commercial put out buy the American Beverage Association whining about the possible taxing of sodas. As far as I'm concerned tax sugary sodas and the fast food joints to help pay for health care.

    Yeah, its going to be real damn hard not to bust a budget, or two or three, going with a public option but I'm sick as Hell seeing and hearing stories first fucking hand of people ruined because a health crisis overwhelmed a family forcing them into bankruptcy.

    I dare anyone calling themselves a Jesus loving Christian to walk through a children's hospital ward seeing family members crying because their insurance just got revoked, or hit the limit, or had some pasty faced bean counter decided a treatment for a sick child was experimental and they would not cover it and not break down crying.

    HIPAA be damned, word of these things gets out no matter how much we are suppose to turn away.

  6. I'm with Tom Cat:

    BARF = Baucus Anti Real Fix bill.

  7. @Beach Bum,
    somebody actually tried to tell me that we needed to protect the Healthcare industry because of the upheaval it would cause in the economy... like it didn't already happen to the Auto makers?

  8. That Grayson showed some real class.Him and our lady here Barbara Lee are among the best in the House.
    We took my youngest to the emergency last month,no insurance.bill was 5,000.00. Five thousand! all of us work,trying to get financial aid but we all got good jobs so it'll get sucks but it'll get paid.

    But if we didn't have good jobs-5K could be a deal breaker.

    I think race is the big factor in the Republican opposition to affordable health care.A lot of people don't want their tax $ to care for minorities and will sacrifice their own coverage to not have to help others.

  9. Hey guys, did you hear that the National Association of Under-Takers backs the GOP Plan? The Funeral Directors say it ‘Works for Us'.

  10. Good one, Food Blogger!

    Oso, I agree with you!

  11. 1st-ly... ditto Blogging4Food!
    so worth reposting! Vig!

  12. Undertakers!
    No conflict of interest there right?
    Hah. There's your death panels, way to go Sarah Palin (*CLAPPING SARCASTICALLY*)