Sunday, February 7, 2010

America's Team

Al, we kept the faith.

The club was silent whenever the other guys scored.

When the Saints scored?

You couldn't hear yourself think!


  1. I hope that the media doesn't dump on Manning. The frigging guy played well. Hell, even that "pick-six" wasn't so much of a bad pass as a super read by the defender. In fact, Vig, I give FULL credit to the Saints. They won it. Manning didn't lose it.

  2. I'm not from New Orleans and never expect to go. But I can tell you, Will Hart, that I needed New Orleans to win.

  3. Who Dat! The LA on my hat's for Louisiana!

  4. Great video!
    I always love Bruce!

    Re cooperations: I don't think they themselves are the problem, it's the people behind them, who suck out all the money and manipulate everybody and everything!
    And, yes, you're right, politicians are usually just puppets, even those who want to do an honest job.

    Suicide bombers/dog fight: tragic, but those people must also have known that they've made themselves a target. Plus it isn't exactly an ethical activity, is it?!

  5. Who Dat!!!!!! YEEEHAWWW. It was a GAME, wasn't it?

  6. C. flew back for the Vikings game and she is here now for Mardi Gras. Our big parade is Monday. Sunday night our krewe of Orpheus hosts a party where our monarch, Coach Sean Payten toasts the King of Bacchus, Drew Brees. What a few days to celebrate! Checkit all out on See you in May