Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Captions, Please?

This billboard sign is located in Wyoming , MN heading south on 35 just before the Wyoming exit on the east side just before Stars & Strikes bowling alley.


  1. Yep need to adjust for cross wind.

  2. I posted this last night, without comment, as soon as I found it in my email. In between pulling on my slippers and pouring my first cup of joe, the answer came to me:

    Miss him? how can we miss him? He's still with us. Him and his bloody and expensive unnecessary wars and occupations. Him and his totally wrecked economy. Him and our record budget debts. Him and his regressive tax polices. Him and his Republicant Posse with whom he rode into power. He's still will us. And he will be for all of the days of my lifetime.

    So, how can I be missing him?

  3. The Neocons never left.
    They are just wearing a different lapel pin, with a different beast of burden on it.
    The American citizens are their obedient beasts of burden. It is always our blood, sweat and tears. While they run to the elite trough of profit, and control.

  4. Yea, I miss you. Like I'd miss six backwoods hillbillies with huge dicks taking turns fucking my ass.

  5. It's this image, and others like it, than bring me back to why I blog.

    #1, I am not a potted plant. I have feelings, values, ideals, hopes and loves which I cannot allow to be injured without standing up, speaking up, bearing witness, and making some kind of a record.

    (I forget what comes 2nd!)