Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts on Olbermann & Weiner

Hey Vig,

Recently, I heard Thom Hartmann, or one of his guests, explain why the Democratic party has no backbone, and continues to be so easily manipulated by the Republican'ts: the Democrats are behaving as a battered spouse behaves, after having been emotionally and physically beaten to a bloody pulp: the battering they experienced was the Republican't impeachment proceedings they brought against Bill Clinton.

Tonight, I heard Keith Olbermann's moving Comment about his dad and his plea that Congress think about what would help our country rein in healthcare's out-of-control costs, rather than what would be most politically expedient for their re-election chances.

Democrats MUST pass an effective cost-controlling healthcare bill which includes, at the very least, a viable public option and at best which opens up Medicare to younger people.

Keith Olbermann's comment on behalf of his father moved me to tears tonight.

Anthony Weiner, Democratic Congressman of New York moved me to cheers.

We need more Democrats to find their inner Anthony Weiner and dare to speak the truth out loud, with conviction and passion as Congressman Weiner did so inspiringly tonight.

We desperately need Senators and Congress-persons who will put personal gain aside in the interests of saving our country from the imminent demise of everything that once made America the land of possibility and hope. After the past eight years of the Busheney reign of terror and destruction inflicted upon our citizens, America is become a has-been debtor nation, which is down for the count as, incredibly, the Republican'ts lead Obama and the Congress around by their noses. Unbelievable, but true.

Thanks for being here, Vig, and providing a place to say what is on our hearts...


  1. The Congressman is a truth-speaker:

    "The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of insurance companies. . . . .

    Make no mistake about it, every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."

    The trouble is, more than a handful - more than several armsful - of Democratic Senators are partially owned subsidiaries of the health insurance industry. That's the nub problem, isn't it? But I, for one, certainly give the Congressman a pass for not telling the whole truth on this one.

  2. I am so much more optimisitic than you two. Our once great nation of freedom and oportunity is still great. I know you don't believe it tonight, but the system still works (at times in very mysterious ways).

    I, for one, found Weiner and Olbermann, passionate yet horribly mistaken about their supposed opponents. I hate the demogogary and hate filled vitriol aimed squarely at folks who actually see the exact same problems, yet see different solutions.

    Diatribes by Weiner and Olbermann are simply another part of the problem that we can (and will) eventually overcome.

    I have great faith in your spirits, passion and love of people and country.

  3. "We need more Democrats to find their inner Anthony Weiner"

    That does it.

    I have no idea what the hell this means so...after copious voddys I am off to bed. I will return sober tomorrow and attempt to translate WTF a Weiner is...

    Nite all!

  4. Argentina owns The Falklands?

    Don't say that too loudly...Maggie is getting could give her a bloody heart attack...;-)

  5. Vigil-you remember the end of Rocky with Balboa and Creed both all beat up when they hugged?

    You could do a remake and call it "Obama" with the star being hugged by any health insurance lobbyist who whispers:

    "Ain't gonna be no Public Option" with Obama replying "Don't want one".

  6. Sorry,4-Dinners, I was intoxicated when I wrote that....

  7. Wizard, stop pressing down upon the brow of the American middle class your private health insurance's crown of thorns.

  8. Hi Vig!

    I'm rushing through to let you know that I've moved Politics Plus to

    You're in the new blogroll there. Would you please update me in yours?

  9. Bravo Emily, I swear I almost cried for Keith's dad as well, and my boy Lil Weiner apparently has a great big weiner with big bouncy cahones as well, he came back and socked it to them a second. Nice post

  10. It's a great post! It moved me as well. :-)

  11. It's easy for Weiner to bloviate. The guy's in a totally safe district. When he does something that puts himself at odds with his constituents and/or the party orthodoxy, then, yeah, I'll give the dude some props. Until then, he's a politician.