Monday, April 21, 2008

Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

These are members of Bush and Cheney's "Truth Squad"
And these early retired fired officers (below) were the original truth-tellers, exposing leadership failures in Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq.

To substitute for investigative and interpretive journalism, the mainstream media relies on a cadre of retired military officers recruited and coached by the pentagon. David Barstow, an investigative reporter for The New York Times, presents primary source documents [CLICK HERE!] detailing the how the Pentagon has deflected criticism of Iraquagmire with a group of prominent, hand-picked, retired generals. The Pentagon, in this way has been practicing Psychological Operations upon American public. That's the Orwellian concept of PsyOps, for short.

This is not surprising or shocking; nor is it news to me. What outrages me is how this is not news to the MSM.


  1. What have we-the-people done to deserve the press and media we have?

  2. I think we the people need to use our computer skills to let the media know how very much we do not like their collusion with the government. Email the candidates. Email the bosses at the networks, email the sponsors. I think we need to start taking it to the streets. Young people are finally engaged again, it will be their country, it should be their revolution.

    One of the things we the people did was elect GWB, then we elected him again. We let the government take away all the restraints on corporations, we let the government privatize everything they could. We watched as the likes of Rupert Murdock gobbled up the airwaves and news papers and foxified every news source. We bought the line that it wasn't nice to talk politics and religion at the dinner table. Now nobody knows squat about politics or religion. Now all you have to do is wear your american flag lapel pin, and put you hand over your heart as they play the star spangled bugger us at the ball game. Go to church, and come home for a little internet porn, and some realistic war games to clear the head.

  3. I'm with you db. SILENCE=COMPLICITY. Americans have not raised their voices against media mega mergers loud enough.

    Vig, you're right: media has become Orwellian and all the plebes want are their "feelies." I think that's a good analogy for reality TV.

  4. Right on, Vig. A compromised press negates democracy.

  5. This just in: Obama and Clinton will be on the WWE tonight. Pandering to Ultra Rethug McMahon who donated money to Rick Santorum's campaign.

    Could this be another "hidden hand." Who said any publicity is good publicity? How can we take our candidates seriously?

    Why the rant? I think McMahon's dreadful.

  6. What have we done to deserve this media? Somehow the people became far more interested in the antics of washed up female pop singers who can't find their underwear and other assorted "entertainment journalism" stories. A good many people are happily disconnected from the world for whatever reason and resent whenever something forces them to focus on reality.

  7. Harry Shearer says that for the last 7 years Bush and Cheney have treated our USA to the Best Case Scenarios in Iraq, as if Iraq was the only country in the Middle East. After those scenarios failed to materialize, now that the Democrats are set to flip the switch, Bush and McCain now think it's time to trot out their worst-case scenarios. Shearer asks, Why should we start to believe them now?

    Good question, Harry.

  8. Sadly, no joke, Vig and beachbum. Broadcast.from Philly. Disconnect is a perfect term, beach.

    Obviously, McBush doesn't need to pander to anyone. And that's damn scary.

  9. Vigilante, BagNewNotes has better images of your uniformed pseudo-TV Analysts.

  10. Speaking of smackdowns, Stella! get a load of Arianna Huffington's SMACKDOWN of Howard Kurtz which ends with:

    The self-loathing liberal media's trend of embracing soulless shills and professional fabricators goes hand in hand with the look-the-other way ethos that gave us the "military analysts" scandal uncovered by the New York Times this week. And for Howie Kurtz not to make the connection between the two is either very naïve, very disingenuous, or willfully ignorant.

    Kurtz had the temerity of attacking Huffington's original and objective post.

  11. Quote of the day from the Late I.F. Stone:

    If something goes wrong in America. the press will find out about it and then it can be fixed. But if something goes wrong with the press, then America will go straight to hell.