Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How're They Trending in Pennsylvania?

Checkout the red-headed kid in the sweater!


  1. There he is! At 1.53 into it RedOct lives! (But in PA?) Well, he got his vote right, anyways. And that's where I need him, now.

    Thanks, PK!

  2. Vig, so who is the guy in the red sweater?

    I was reading Beach's thread and saw that comment about too many smart women...what was that....scare...who? Isn't it you with the trophy wife? Does she know you say these thing? Now I'm no tattletale, my life's history's built on turning fiction into the gods honest truth and vise versa as we used to say in Texas. So, who am I to talk, but you?

  3. Utah, At 1.53 into the clip, a look-a-like of Red October appears. RedOct has not been reincarnated. As of this past weekend he is at his favorite position in the front corner of his yard. In the ground. Standing sentry over the entire 'hood. Forever. I can speak to him everyday.

    But at least his spitting image Pennsylvanian friend is voting for the 44th POTUS!

  4. Turned the volume up on full and blasted this through the house. Dragonwife said if Hillary don't get the nomination she will vote for McCain. College educated people just freak the poop out of me sometimes.